✨Woman Enough✨ Dealing with the feeling of not being good enough

This post is directed to ladies who feel that they are not good enough. It could be in anything; in school, work, personal life or relationships. 

I’ve been here before and most days I still battle with this feeling. Being called meaningless and valueless certainly put a damper on my confidence level . There was a time when I thought it would be better if I gave up because I didn’t see the need to keep going. 

I believe that we have all been created to create. The world is as we know it to be because God created it. However, the thing about this generation is that social media has greatly influenced our creative process. It’s made us believe that there’s a path everyone should follow, almost like a pathway to success. We’ve all been created to be a different way but we have stumbled upon an identity crisis that has birthed insecurities because we live our lives trying to imitate others. 

We encourage ourselves while on the wrong path that it’s gonna get better. The truth is that, it’s not. Encouragement is only a temporal solution to an internal problem that if not properly dealt with, will leave you feeling better today and not feeling better tomorrow. 

The world wasn’t always ruled by social media, there was a world that existed before it and a world that will keep going even after a new and more time consuming technology comes into play. Life is not as straight forward as we make it out to be. We need to create our own colors and lead our own lives. So, I’m gonna ask you a few questions and explain along the way.

  1. What is that one thing you’ve always wanted to be, way before social media came around to influence your decision? We need to remember that this is a platform for networking and connections. It is only as real as you make it out to be. Connecting in your area of specialization takes you farther than when you dabble upon the waters.

2. Are you doing what you want to do or are you being influenced by people’s opinions and ideas? because honestly people can talk as much as they want to, it only affects you if you listen and tamper with your life because of it. If you are working in your purpose, there are gonna be different seasons and varieties of opinions. Still, you won’t change with the seasons, you’ll only grow and expand because you who know you are and what you’ve been created to create. 

3. Do you know that the feeling of being good enough does not live in what you do or who you are? Joyce Meyers said it comes from God. You are good enough because God says so.

4. What have you been graced to do? People do what they do because they have the grace for it. They are people who are multi talented and versatile. They can incorporate themselves into anything and excel at it. They are others who have to focus and harness their energy on a particular thing to excel. TD jakes said your story is in your cross. Sometimes you don’t pick it, it picks you. Some of us are carrying other people’s cross and passing it off as ours and it shows. Pastor Steven Furtick said there’s grace in the space that God has created for you. Take time off social media to find out who you are and what you’ve been called to do. Woman, you are more than you think you are, never act less than that. It’s better to take time off and come back with a clear and ready mind than to continue down the path you are on. 

Finally, when life gets overwhelming and I begin to loose myself, I remind myself that there’s nothing worth more than my peace of mind. I re-evaluate my life and choices and I try to do things differently. 

So my loves, do things differently. For there are so many different ways to be, maybe you want to be a different way. 

Love and light.




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