How to get Photographers to work with you

This is a very huge aspect of modelling. Especially if you don’t have enough coins or better still you just want to collaborate.  While photographers are everywhere, getting the right one to bring your imaginations to life can be a little tricky. These few points should help you get started.


The first thing to avoid is picking a photographer who is not in the same location as you. The location really matters. I have made this mistake a couple of times. I’ve asked photographers who I had no idea lived so out of state from me for photo sessions. Obviously I got turned down.

Social media
These days, majority of the people in this world are on social media. The best way to find a photographer on Instagram is to use hashtags. This helped me a great deal because all of a sudden I was in a sea of photographers in the same location as me. Use the simple tool that social media has provided for you especially on Instagram. Search on Facebook, ask friends, send a tweet out e.t.c. These people will not search for you especially if you are just starting out. So whip out your detective gear and get to work!

Do your research
Go on the photographers social media page and do some digging. Look at their work and how you think your idea would fit into what they do. If you do not like a person’s work, just move on to the next page. Don’t send them a message requesting for a shoot only to end up unhappy with the results.

Show love
However, if you do like the person’s work feel free to show them that you do. Follow their page and like a few pictures. Comment when you have to; in a genuine way and not in a stalker kind of way. That way, they’ll begin to take notice of you and might be inclined to respond to you when you eventually reach out to them.

Send a message
I do this thing where I slide into people’s direct messages a lot on Instagram. People have different ways they approach people. However, I take advantage of the fact that people are always on social media a lot and just send a message when I see what I like. I do my best to send a message that is well written,  simple and straight to the point. I introduce myself, compliment his or her work and I tell them what I would like to do. At the end, I live my contact information and just hope they get back to me.

Social media profile
Photographers tend to go to your social media page and check out your wall. In other news, your page should be very presentable and professional. Have a page that speaks volumes of your work. If you don’t, you might as well start building your page now.

P.s  Don’t feel bad if they don’t get back to you immediately or at all. They are so many creatives out there. Just keep trying until someone reaches out to you with a positive response. The market is not an easy one but you were made for it. Have fun exploring and be open minded.

All the best!



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