A Model’s guide to clear skin

it is really serious business living the model life. While we are portrayed to be perfect on the outside with all the campaigns and shoots, we have to look just as good on the inside.  Our bodies are supposed to be healthy and our skin beautiful. When it comes to our face, it is usually our selling point. looking natural with little or no make up is usually very important.

When going for casting calls it is important that you have no makeup on. Your natural beauty is very important in the modeling industry. Simply put, simplicity goes a long way. While we love our make up being on “fleek” it shouldn’t take away from our true beauty. Most of us use make up to hide all those dark spots and blemishes. What if we didn’t have to hide behind the make up? I wear a lot of make up when I am not on a job because I like the art of it. Still, I take very good care of my skin with different products just to keep that natural glow.

1.  Everyone has heard about the miracles of avocado, carrots, bananas and cucumbers and what they do for our body. The internet is a good way of looking up how all these heavenly fruits can work wonders on your face and skin.

2. I use Dead Sea mud mask. I think this is my favorite product so far. It increases circulation, deals with Acne and removes dead skin cells. I use it every five days. It has worked absolute wonders for my skin and my family loves it too. It blocks the pores and helps in rejuvenating your skin in order to get that natural glow.
There is also the natural sugar, lemon, lime and honey scrub I use once in a while to lighten and skin just in case the sun has done wonders to it.

3. With addition to all these, I do my best to drink a lot of water and wash my face as often as I can. Dust and other elements sticks to the skin and it is important to wash off as often as possible.

4. Finally, try to do face exercises. It is called face yoga. I will try to write more about it later. it helps in circulation and it reduces worry lines.

So feel free to wear your make up models but also take care of your skin. We can’t all be Beyoncé.



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