To be mended & whole

is not a one time thing

it is a constant process

it is delicate & fragile.

do not let anyone in — who will disrupt the process

starting afresh is not always fun

a lot of people don’t have the strength to begin again — protect your wholeness.


Botanical II Canvas Print by Jenny Rome | iCanvas

i clap for you behind closed doors

because a person like you

deserves to be praised

even when no one is looking


Minimal Line Art Woman with Magnolia Mini Art Print by Nadja - Without Stand - 3" x 4"

It’s not just the thought that counts

it’s the words

it’s the actions


it’s the way you make me sway my hips to the sounds of your music.


i don’t know your thoughts

so, show me through your actions

and tell me with your words


Ten fingers

ten toes

complete on the outside


a beating heart

an adventurous spirit

complete on the inside


so why do i feel like the rug is constantly

being pulled from under me…

like no one wants me around

like these complete fingers, toes, heart & spirit

will never be enough to make the world love me for who I truly am


a complete human being.


Minimal Line Art Woman Flower Head Mini Art Print by Nadja - Without Stand - 3" x 4"

Breaking my heart is punishable

by a lot of things but not by death


i sentence you to life & for as long as you live,

you’ll continue to search for me

in the eyes & hearts of everyone you meet.

always falling in love but never fully

growing in it — like a tree without roots that never bears fruits


break my heart at your own risk.


maybe if we fall for each other

it won’t be falling for — but falling into

so that we become indistinguishable

polar opposites blending into one.

being each other at once.




but we have to fall first

who will make the first move?


Yellow Lip Coffee Table by Explicit Design - Black

i like where this is going

not in any particular direction

no maps, just puzzles to solve.


you’ve turned me — a girl who plans for everything into a spontaneous creature.


i like where this is going

so let’s keep going.


abstract single line art woman's back / turned out woman

The air is strangled – strange

the words that come out of your mouth are  

jovial like the midnight sky when it dances with the stars

but your eyes are betraying you – Are you hiding yourself from me?


nothing real exists between us if lies live within us.


 i feel the need to tell you

that i’ll always be here, loving you

through promises — out of these premises and beyond

but this is the thing you know most about me.


so why do you still feel the need to hide yourself from me?


Minimal Line Art Woman with Flowers IV Mini Art Print by Nadja - Without Stand - 3" x 4"




here it comes, the sound of the darkness closing in.

it’s times to run towards the light.


Spring is everywhere 🌸 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #art #applepencil #procreate #kidsillustration #childrenbookillustration #procreateapp…

I have nothing — i am nothing

but with you i am somebody

i have everything

i am everything

you ask me why your heart is my home

i say it’s because it’s the way that you are

you make the most neglected

of souls feel at home.


Heal with every brown bottle #beaparent You are feeling the feels of stress, worry, growth as a parent .. don’t worry I have you! Reach for your oils in this time of need and they will be the healer you need within this time to move through .. to grow .. to see .. to know .. to help you feel content. Mumma she had this .. you are doing an AMAZING JOB ❤️

i am the well that never runs dry

out of me flows infinite potentialities


i am limitless

limited only by the limit

I put on myself – not by anyone else


you don’t have a say in the way i row my boat.

sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left but i always have a direction in mind

i am the true definition of a restless spirit

the color of the rainbow sits on my hair


i am spring

i am summer, autumn, fall & winter

hamarttan, blizzards, rain & tornadoes


i am nature — unpredictable

i am matter — occupying every room I walk into

i am unboxed— i name myself


i am me.


- #


A  Thousand Capacities.

The end.

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