A Day in Wisconsin (where to go and what to do)

If you have a best friend like mine who likes to make sure you experience new things, a road trip will definitely be coming up somewhere in your future. I have taken road trips with my sisters before, but the trip to Wisconsin was one I was looking forward to for a long while. Mainly because I am a huge fan of That 70’s Show and I wanted to explore the areas where the show was filmed. Who remembers the water tower where the drawing of the pot kept giving viewers the finger? or Eric Foreman’s basement where most of the memorable scenes took place? Y’all would not believe that when we got to Wisconsin and I had the chance to speak with the locals, I was told that the show was shot in Los Angeles and Point Place is a fictional town in Wisconsin. Did I die a little inside? Definitely, because ‘Hello Wisconsin’ took on a different meaning for me.

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Anyway, the road trip took almost 6-7 hours because we were looking to go into specific locations. But the trip was beautiful, and the scenery was enchanting. We saw a lot of farmlands, scenic Great Lakes shoreline along Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, and a lot different picturesque mountainous and state parks. In the car were three Nigerians and one Ghanian. So you know the type of music that was played and the jabs that we made at each other. My best friend, Ella who calls herself ‘the wind’ drove for all 6-7 hours and got us there in one piece. These are the few places we visited:

Cave Point County Park

What can I say about this absolutely stunning site? Perhaps it is one of the coolest places I have ever seen. You see people on social media exploring the beauty of the world and you never think it’ll be your turn until it is. Then you are absolutely blown away by the beauty and wonder of creation, and you just want to be in the moment. But you also want to capture pictures and videos so you can have memories to share with friends and families. The landscape is iconic, the beautifully carved rocks face the blue waters of Lake Michigan. It is also a park as well as a lake. You go through the picnic area, into the park itself before you get to the most beautiful parts of the carved rocks. The water is green and blue and clear. The waves are welcoming but also unpredictable, so going too close or being in there for too long is not advisable. Because of how steep the rocks are, if you do decide to go please be very careful. Oh and guess what? The stones are carved this way because of the violent waves crashing on their shore and dissolving the limestone for centuries. I also saw how violent the waves could be at some point. However, it shouldn’t stop you from experiencing this dream destination. 

Cana Island Lighthouse 

Let me just say, first of all, this site is only open from 9 am -5 pm. We got there very late and could not explore as much as we would have loved but it was still a great experience. When you walk in, you’re welcomed by a lake with lots of rocks so you have to be careful while walking in the water. There is an island on the other side of the lake where the lighthouse is located. To get to the lighthouse, you’ll be taken in by a tractor-wagon ride across the causeway. Be prepared to leave a tip on your way back, and be prepared to purchase a $10 admission ticket to be able to enter the lighthouse.

The Cana Island Lighthouse is situated northeast of Baileys Harbor on a peninsula separating Moonlight Bay and North Bay, both prime locations for anchoring ships. We were allowed to go into the lighthouse where we were able to listen to the history of the lighthouse as well as take pictures and videos. I took more videos than pictures which I will be sharing on my Instagram page. I hear that visitors are allowed to climb the tower and enjoy the magnificent view that can be had from the lantern room but when we were there, it was closed to the public. Maybe next time.


Jacksonport itself is a town in Door County, situated along the Lake Michigan shoreline. We did not stay very long and again, I took more videos than pictures which you can find on my Instagram. The particular lake we visited was located on private property but the walkway to the lake was open to the public. I think if we went further down, we would have had a more interesting experience. I loved being here, closing my eyes, and taking every single moment in. I felt alive, in tune with nature, and at peace.

There’s so much more on my story on Instagram which I may decide to turn into a highlight. If you miss it now, you can always come back to view it. Wisconsin is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Go have you an amazing time with great friends or by yourself.

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