A girl and her satin skirt

Oh what a thrill it is to be young and inspired. The best thing about being a young creative is that you can always source from the endless well of inspiration from those who have gone ahead of you.

This particular outfit and photo shoot is so peculiar to me because it was inspired by Paola Mathé (@findingpaola on instagram) .

I came across this picture of her and instantly fell in love with it. This right here is art in it’s purest form. I remember on one of her captions she stated that she would like to express herself without having to explain herself. You already know I am a poet so that spoke to my soul. She also posted a quote stating that for “something to be beautiful, it doesn’t have to be pretty”.

I have always believed in perfection. Everything must come out exactly the way I wanted if not, it wasn’t worthy of being associated with me. When I started fully writing and sharing poetry I began to see the beauty in imperfections. in all honesty, there is nothing perfect in life. As long as it is you, it is beautiful. As long as you grow and learn every day, you create in yourself the discipline to keep trying to be the very best at what you do.

Also I have learnt that you can be inspired by someone or something and still do it in a way that stays true to who are.

Was it hard sourcing for a location? probably. I mean it took me almost a month to realize that the location I needed was on my campus. I passed by the exact same location everyday on my way to work and said one day, I’ll get up there and do a photo shoot. Thankfully the dots connected and the timing was right.

The day of the photo shoot, the weather was extremely murky and we had to sit in the car for the rain to go away before we stepped out to take pictures. Hopefully, you all know James by now who is an amazing photographer. he was so kind to come with me on this journey because it meant a lot that I was inspired by someone and I went ahead to do it my way.

For those of you patiently waiting for the outfit details… here you go

satin midi skirt (Berry) – $14.99 gotten from Forever 21 per usual.

Ankara crop top (multi-colored) – Please visit @emmie.amos on instagram. she is a talented fashion designer and she sews clothes to perfection. I do not remember the price but she is very affordable.

Ribbed crew socks (white) – $3.99 from Forever 21

low top platform sneakers (white) $29.90 from Forever 21

Teal feathered earrings (teal) – $16.00 from lulus



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