A Guide to Handling Items from Fashion Houses

These points are helpful mostly for those who partner with fashion houses. Most often than not, you  don’t get to keep the items you collect. It is imperative that you handle each time with care.

• If you can not stay away from clothes that have high necks, be very careful with them.  Especially if you are going to be wearing makeup. Some fashion houses would like you return the clothes exactly the way you got them knowing that can not always be achievable. They frown upon make up stains because it tends to reduce the appearance of the clothes. If at all you want to go for a high neck top, wear it and put a clothe over it before doing your make up. When taking it off, fold the neck, cover your face and remove it gently. So even when it has stains on it, it will be minimal.

• The soles of shoes are very fragile and can go from looking like a million bucks to barely any bucks in a minute. The moment you step on a hard or rough surface the quality of that shoe reduces because of the scratches that will be left on it. Your best bet is to cover the soles with tapes (masking tapes) before sliding your feet in it. Make sure your feet are very clean too. When you are done, remove the tape and use a towel to wipe the soles clean. You can do all the poses in the world knowing you got the shoes covered.

•  Try as much as possible not to remove the tags from the clothing.  Remember, you are not buying them, so you don’t have the levity to alter them in any way. Pose in a way that the tags will not be visible. if the tags are on jeans and bags, get permission from the fashion house before you remove any tags to avoid misunderstandings.

• I know we are all used to wearing outfit from the top (clothes between the hands as we pass it from the head down to the rest of the body). That is the normal way to wear clothes for some people. What I do in cases like this, especially with make up on,  is  to wear it from below (from the legs up). I do this in cases where it has zips and really wide necks. Other times I cover my face and wear it over my head gently. It reduces its affinity to be stained by makeup.

  • If you stain an outfit with make up or any other stain don’t try to fix it. Take it to the fashion house and explain how it all happened. Do not try to wash it or clean it out. Little things like that can be spotted and remember new clothes have a certain smell to it. If it is altered in any way it can be easily detected.



• Return clothes as at when due, it shows professionalism. When you keep to time consistently, you’ll create a relationship of trust. When you are trusted, even when you make a mistake  leniency might be given. Do not expect it and use that as an excuse to make mistakes. It is a business and you always have to stick to the rules.

All the best!



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