Are Exes Coming Back Just in Time for Valentine’s Day?

I watched Fifty Shades of Grey the other day & wondered when a chiseled man would come along & tie my hands behind my back while feeding me vanilla ice cream. But my dear sisters, Anastasia Steel got flogged & I honestly don’t have the energy to be beaten in the name of love by any body’s son. Plus, I am not very obedient. I’ll have to ask you why you did not like my picture on Instagram before thinking about trying to handcuff my hands to a bed post.

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For some reason, every time valentine’s day rolls in, all the men in my life roll out. Two days later, here comes somebody’s son with “I thought about calling you on valentine’s day” Yes boo, I thought about responding to the physic call. Anyway, while I am over here minding my business & trying to keep my skin healthy, I can’t help but wonder if exes are eager to be boo’d up on valentines day. The Shade Room reported that burger king is giving out free whoopers if you bring in a picture of your ex. I know I can bring in at least 12 pictures of 12 different exes. I was swimming in that Egyptian river for a while until the lord came & rescued me. While my body count is not as high as 12, I know that as always, I will be buying chocolates & flowers for myself this valentines day.  I love me so much that I might rent a limousine, wear a black cocktail dress, put on some ‘step on them neck’ heels, go to a five-star restaurant to whine & dine myself.

The question however is, for those who love to be curdled up next to somebody, be honest with yourself, are you willing to go back to your ex if they try to win you back just in time for valentines? before throwing this question into the universe, I asked myself too. I have been in great relationships & not so great, eat shit, I never want to see you again relationships. Still, I am friendly with all my exes or I try to be. This may rub a lot of people off the wrong way but I am no longer in the business of keeping malice, I try to let that hurt go. If you were worth me loving, you are worth me being cordial to, depending on the way things ended. I guess you can say I don’t like it when people are mad at me or when I hold people in my heart for too long. You wanna know the exact number of my exes? Me too love, me too.

With that being said, my answer NO. There is not a chance in heaven that I will be accepting any form of invitation from my exes for valentines day. That chapter is closed & should not be reopened under any circumstance.  Am I being too harsh? I mean, some people just have a way of bringing out the best & worst in you. It’s one day, I can brave one day of being by myself, curled up on my bed watching Love Jones while I stuff my face with chocolates. If I can brave it, you can too. I am way too emotional to sit through a dinner or a movie date with an ex without talking about the past or equating their present attitude to the way they acted when we were dating.

Besides, valentine’s day is not just about the romantic type of love, it’s also about agape love & spreading positive energy around. Don’t let your ex use this as an opportunity to slide back into your life. You broke up for a reason & if it’s a good one, he or she needs to keep it moving in the name of the father, the son & the holy water. There’s a huge difference between being alone & feeling lonely. Being alone especially on valentines day isn’t the worst feeling in the world, cheer up boo, you’re more than enough. If you feel like you’re gonna feel lonely, that’s okay too. Surround yourself with family & friends.

What will I be doing on valentines day? Thank you so much for asking. On my bed, with my laptop writing the next blog post for my lovely readers. If somebody’s son, somebody’s daughter, or somebody’s father (because I am not opposed to having a sugar daddy or granddaddy, I don’t be discriminating) wants to take me out, don’t let this article stop you. PLEASE FEEL FREE. There’s enough of Ayamba to go around, that’s why I am called a spice.

Feel free to join the conversation on Instagram @ayamba.theblog or comment below if you will be entertaining any of your exes on valentines day.

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