Ayamba takes Nashua (Part 1)

I still remember the people on the streets stealing glances at me as I posed for the camera. I remember a woman passed by and asked why we were doing this photoshoot. Mrs. Suzanna, the photographer proceeded to say such wonderful things about me, which speaks volumes of who she is.

Before we met for this photoshoot, in my own fashion, I sent her a message through instagram. Mrs. Suzanna responded a few days later and requested that we meet in person. It was my first time sitting down to discuss my vision with a photographer before a shoot. She introduced me to her media house known as Photography by Wandering Images.

While talking to her, sharing pictures and mood boards, she became not just someone I wanted to work with but someone whose work I wanted to be a part of. Her energy was eccentric and her willingness to bring my vision to life was a dream come true.

Fast forward to the day of the shoot, she showed up on time with all her gears ready to work like the professional that she is. We decided to walk down Elm street, a beautiful part in down town Nashua. We explored its corners and its buildings. We shot videos, took pictures and expressed ourselves creatively. I even came out of my shy shell, i waved and smiled at those who stared at us. It was truly a beautiful experience.

There was this wall that had this eclectic mural we used as a background for some of our pictures painted by the one and only Manuel (Manny) Ramirez. He is an artist and the co-founder of Positive Street Art. His work is completely out of the ordinary. Please check it out when you get the chance. His instagram handle is @phelany23 and his website is positivestreetart.org

I’ll share more pictures but before I do, I would like to leave the information of Mrs. Suzanna here. She is a New Hampshire based Photographer. Her website is http://www.photographybywanderingimages.com

Her instagram handle is @pbwimorse . Please visit her instagram page and her website. Also, like her facebook page; Photography by wandering images.

She has done an amazing work in capturing the gift of time through different lenses. She is one person I can boldly say will go through any length to bring the best out of her clients.



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