BARE (An interesting turn of events)

I understand you
Maybe more than I understand me
How your voice rises when I call and your eyes stare into mine, always filled with longing
You had dreams, I had dreams too
You had ambitions, I had mine too
Yet you made plans for us, building castles in the air
Castles we were never meant to live in.

We all have to make sacrifices for things we want the most
I know what you wanted the most, you’ll list them out with excitement

but each time you do, i’ll grow weary because I was never part of that list.
I couldn’t compete with material things and even if I asked you to choose, it could never be me.

I am not blameless in this but I’ll let you tell your story
It’s funny how with love I could never compose a happy poem
Yet the mystery of pain remains unknown.

You broke a dam inside of me, the rising of a tempest
So callous with your words you forgot how vulnerable I was.

You condemned my soul to an unending ache
A manipulation of my mind, an abuse to my heart
First palpitations…… slowly turning into myocardial infractions
Almost like an Ectopia cordis I felt my heart leave my body, bouncing back and forth.

I can’t believe we got this far with something I didn’t want to be a part of in the beginning.
You should have left it alone when I said no. Yet you persisted, sucking me in with your consistency.
So I accepted, I tolerated even made excuses for your absence.
but I guess to err is human and to forgive was my mistake
The greatest thing to break in love is a promise. So please allow me to put it all in a jar and give them back to you.

For no one can see how my skin glowed with love for you
They only see the scales and dryness on the body of a queen.
Every time I tried to leave you’ll ask me why I was in a haste to make you extinct.
Tell me, what’s the use in clinging to a person who never looked after me?

So this time, I left quietly, I had nothing left to give. My lamp was broken
and I couldn’t let love lead me down the path of destruction.
You’ll never see me again but one day you’ll come across this.
knowing you, you’ll stand on your pedestal and beat your chest
King Kong

This is the end of this chapter
let this bird fly away but may it never be caught on another wire.




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