BARE (The Morning After)

You made a terrible first impression on me
Remembering it all now brings a smile to my  lips
You laid right by me on this sheets and I could swear we made a tornado
Right here in this peaceful room
With white sheets and pillows as soft as the pillows on my chest
I made you go through the ringer
I had to, I had to know you weren’t one of them
The ones who play and prey on me like card games
Who share secrets and leak special moments
So here we are the morning after the rain
Me  staring at you as you sleep peacefully
I wouldn’t say you are an angel
But you sure act like one
I know too much about love
And yet I know nothing at all
In the beginning it’s a mix of sin and heaven
Then the realness starts to kick in
Feelings begin to fade and we begin to talk in past tense
Looking back at each other with such pretense
I’m glad you made a terrible first impression on me
I didn’t fall for you right away
I won’t fall at all
I’ll just grow each day and see what each morning brings us.




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