BARE (Bare.)

The bed squeaks
It almost sounds like a hammock being pushed by the breeze as it sways from side to side
My senses are beginning to tingle as the room is being filled with unfamiliar sounds
They never had to be on alert before
You used to be sense and sensibility
There’s a bible by my pillow
I pray for strength these days, almost too often
The side lamp is on and my heart hasn’t calmed since the last time we saw
There’s a shadow standing by the bed post almost looking like a ghost daring me to be scared
A figment of my imagination I suppose, a fraction of my deepest fears coming to life
There are all these things happening in a tiny room
Yet, there’s still no you
There hasn’t been you in a while
There are boxes packed and stacked in the hall way ready to be moved
I can’t see them, but hell I feel them
The last bits and pieces of you leaving me
Just like you promised you would
If I sit up, I’ll have to stand on my sad feet and move step by step
One foot in front of the other
I’ll have to do this for a while as I make my way to the bathroom
Where we made love together, scrubbed our skin clean together
Did the simple things in life together
That’s a journey I am not capable of making
These are things I am not capable of doing on my own
Not any more
How cruel life has become
How cruel you’ve made me become
I see life so differently
You have left me so bare
These things aren’t rare though
Humans call it a dent in the heart
I call it a shitty way to say good bye
Yet I’m still learning to be okay with the hand you’ve dealt to me
I’ll be okay
Just not today.




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