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Although it looks like in the “face beat” department I have it all together, I was not always a fan of make up. I did not understand the need for people to construct and reconstruct their faces. On the other hand, My twin sister was a huge fan of Make up and she would spend time on YouTube learning from the tutorials.

I don’t know how my love affair with beauty products started. it might have been all those years of watching my twin sister evolve into a Make up Guru. She had a box filled with beauty products and I did not understand why she but began to make money out of it. She was such an artist and people began to notice that. I guess I began to feel a little different about it by just watching her.

 One day in church, my friend walked up to me and said I had to start learning how to arch and draw my brows. I decided to give it a try. I would spend hours, weeks, months and even years trying to perfect the left brow because it did not look as good as the right. The struggle was definitely real. I began to watch my twin sister closely mirroring her every move until I could stand on my own.

Fast-forward to now, I pretty much enjoy applying cosmetics. there’s an innate joy that I get when I look at my face and I know I did that! over the years, I have used a lot of products but my favorite products to use are ;  *Mary Kay foundation * Contour and blush set (6 color palette) from Bh cosmetics * Bobby brown brushes (although I use a variety of brush sets) *salon perfect brow defining kit * sleek contour and highlighter  *Mac blush *Mac Ruby woo lipstick *black opal (03 and 04) *lip liners *Nude lipstick from absolute New York ( intense lip polish)

 I usually:

  • start with my brows. I know it takes a little time but I know how to do it now. Make up tutorials would teach you the quickest way to get it done.
  • eye lids comes next. my go to especially when I am in a hurry is to contour my eyes and apply a lighter shade of eye shadow and eye liner
  • I apply more than a pint size foundation on my face. I was so used to wasting foundation because I didn’t know it was only meant to cover up the spots on your face. Too much foundation makes the face cakey and oily.
  • I contour with black opal, a lighter shade than my skin and the normal contour. while I let it set it I apply mascara and lipstick
  • for the lipstick, I am a fan of lipliners. I take a little time to perfectly line the lips to give it that full cartoon shape. I use a pint size of foundation to remove excess lipstick and lip liners.
  • I blend it all and apply my skin tone powder, blush and high lighter.
  • finally, I remember to be my own kind of beautiful




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