Becoming a Model

A lot of beautiful ladies have sent me messages asking questions about modelling. It means I am doing something right.  I would like to share that something with you all. These steps have guided me through the years and I hope they act as a guide for you too.


For me, Modelling has always been the ultimate. It is what l most importantly live for. Beyond all that though, I just want to  tell my story the best way I know how; through pictures. It’s a brand I choose to build with all integrity, courage and skill. In other words, there has to be an innate need to see yourself become an epitome of art. You have to search within to find the reason behind why you have chosen to walk down this path.

Learn to see it as an investment, in your present and your future. I started with paying for photoshoots. I just wanted to put myself out there in the beginning. The truth is in order for people to know you, you have to be visible. Sometimes visibility cost and you have to pay the price for what you want. Put in the money, the resource, the time, the effort and the energy no matter how much it cost.

You are  not going to  have money all the time. The thing about humans is that only a few would want to do anything for free. Be open to a trade by barter system in the early stages. It is called content creation for both parties. You reach out to a photographer, a designer or  an artist who has what you want. He or she might be looking for  someone to show case his or her work. Sometimes they come to you, other times you have to go to them.  So do not be afraid to reach out.

Consistency for me is key, even when I don’t feel like it. I don’t think I can remember ever turning down a shoot for any reason, even when I was ill. Being tired is an excuse not a valid reason, especially in your beginning years. You have to keep pushing regardless of how you feel or what you feel. You’ll get to a time when you will be able to pick your own hours and do your own thing but first, you have to be consistent and bring your ‘A’  game every time.

Less Money talk
Now I advise anyone who wants to be a model to never shoot straight for the money. You’ll be a ball of disappointment. The money is going TO  come eventually but it shouldn’t be a priority. Remember, you didn’t pick a 9-5 or a guaranteed job. You might go weeks without having a modelling job. Don’t think about the money, ride on your passion and the need to bring beauty to into the world. These things come eventually, they just take time.

Be expansive and open to anything. Don’t restrict yourself and your mind. Let the need to create something that you love inspire you to search and learn. No one wants to work with a person, especially a model,  who isn’t inspired and willing to explore. I’m not saying say yes to everything. Protect your heart, protect your body but be open and welcoming.



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