Becoming a signed model


The thought of being signed to a modelling agency in the United States gave me a thrill like no other. It was like a continuous wave of joy was enveloping me and I could not contain how full my heart felt.

I moved to Nashua, New Hampshire in August of last year. Nashua is a very quiet city. I’m probably sure if I dropped a pin, it would echo. However, this quiet yet colorful city held its perks. It was 45 minutes away from Boston where the excitement really was. It was a thrill to be in New England. To see snow for the first time, to feel a different kind of breeze wash over me.

I was off social media entirely because I was on a cleanse. I wanted a new and focused mindset. I used one-month to be acclimated with my environment. I got used to getting ice cream from the beautiful ice cream stand across the street called haywards and taking long walks with no destination in mind. in September, I thought to myself, I did not want my modelling career to be as quiet as the city of Nashua.  I began my research about modelling agencies. I came across a few in Boston. However, the one I was most interested in was Dynasty International Models & Talent Agency, Inc.

It seemed to be one of the acclaimed top Modelling agencies in Boston. I read some of the reviews online and there were mixed. Some were really negative and others very positive. Regardless, I was excited about finding an agency in Boston that I wanted to be signed to.

What stuck out to me most was the price of the marketing agency fee. Some reviews said it was $500 others said it was $400. I became very apprehensive, I obviously did not have that amount of money to spend on an agency. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go through with it. I knew if I decided to do this, it was going to be somewhat of a huge investment for me.

Regardless, I came into my new place of work the next day and made a portfolio. Or something that looked like it. I made the soft and hard copy. I went online again and researched some more on dynasty modeling agency and I found their website. I read as much as I could. I wanted to be sure of what I was getting myself into. Prior to now, I was not signed to an agency and I had never been to Boston except when I landed at the airport.

I found their email address and contact information and immediately with faith and a lot of pep talk from myself to myself. I sent the agency an email which included a brief description about myself and my electronic portfolio. I’m usually used to getting No most of the time, so truth be told, I was not expecting a yes.

I got a yes.

I was emailed back with a favorable response and asked to book an appointment to go to Boston and talk with the Man in charge of the agency. Needless to say, I was shocked. Yet I took it as a win. I booked my appointment and began to find ways to get to Boston.


End of part 1



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