BEFORE THE WORLD ENDS (A lot like a bucket list).

Hello my people! I hope you have all been staying safe during this global pandemic. A lot of countries have lifted their bans. So, if you have been indoors for the past two months, go out and get yourself some fresh air. Also, take advantage of all the help and relieve that generous souls are offering during this hard time. I am praying and hoping that by September, this will all be under wraps. Don’t worry yourself too much with the news, you made it this far — brighter days can only be ahead.

Now, to the topic of today: quarantine has got me thinking about life and things I would like to do before the proverbial trumpet sounds and we all go to meet our maker. In an all too excitable fit, I made a list of life changing events I would like to participate in. It may be a little weird and may come across as journaling my thoughts. Also, it may not be spontaneous or adrenaline filled, but I am a melancholic at heart so I prefer a more traditional laid back list. Never the less, I am adding everything I hope to accomplish whether big or small. I think you should too. Follow me on this uncertain journey and come up with your own bucket list. Haven’t you ever been asked that question before? If the world were to come to an end today, what would you regret not having done? Take a moment to think about what you would like to do before the world ends while I give my list:

– Write a book: write about 10 books in fact. I don’t consider myself an overachiever and I certainly may or may not ask for extra sheets during an exam. However, I am a writer, I live for my words. So, one day, I wanna walk by a book store and see myself in hardcopy because I wrote a book that changed the world.

– Eat a cheese cake in Paris:  in all honesty, I love cheesecake. In an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim, everybody’s rich aunty, flew to Paris for a day just to eat cheesecake. Last year, my family spent sometime in Paris and it made me a little jealous. Hopefully, one day I’ll fly to Paris to have the full cheesecake experience.

– Have a sleep over with Zendaya: ever since the days of Shake It Up on Disney channel, my love for Zendaya has been concrete. She’s an epitome of class and a connoisseur of creativity. It would be the coolest thing ever if I could chill by her for one night.

– Get styled by Style Pantry A.k.A Mrs. Folake Huntoon: don’t blame me y’all, I have very peculiar tastes. I grew up learning from Style Pantry on Instagram. I dressed like her and posed like her. Before the world comes to an end, it would be my hugest honor if I could learn at her feet. And probably end up taking a few styling lessons from her (which I will then disseminate to you guys of course).

– Go bungee jumping in South Africa even though I know I might probably throw up.

– Be thrown out of a plane just because I want to know what the sky feels like against my face.

– Be on lip sync battle competing against Kevin Hart because I know it’s going to be a hilarious experience.

– Give each of the cast of Friends, Gilmore Girls, That 70’s Show, Moesha, Martin, My Wife and Kids, and Grey’s Anatomy an over the top elaborate hug for making my childhood so much fun.

– Go on a girls trip to JAMAICA!

– Because the organized system of marriage baffles me, I’ll have to settle with finding a partner who enriches my life for the better – A.K.A fall in love again.

– Give back to my country, Nigeria by starting a foundation for young and emerging writers.

Meet Taylor swift: technically, it is supposed to be: write an album with Taylor Swift because she is such a story teller. She makes art out of pain and it sounds so good when you sing it out loud. She is indeed an inspiration.

– Work on a visual album with Beyonce.

– Act in movies/ series just because I have practiced in my room enough and my mirror is tired of me. I promise, I’m ready.

– Actually graduate from grad school and finally become a school counsellor.

– Own my own home.

I have a lot more but I don’t want it to get too personal. It definitely strikes me as interesting that my bucket list is basically the real lives of other people. But I have always been a dreamer and I am not easily deterred. It would be easy for a person to say “your mountain is waiting so get on your way!” but I realize that life happens in stages and phases. I am acutely aware of the phase of life that I am in. I may not have everything I want, but I am content. A bucket list is like a vision board that keeps me going even after the world has slowed down around me.





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