Bernice Kendra Taylor: ‘Nobody Earns Greatness Overnight’

Bernice Kendra Taylor, a 27 year old Liberian native is a force to be reckoned with. As the Executive Assistant and Director for Special Projects for the Office of the Vice President of Liberia, she is a young woman leaving her mark on the world. This piece is centered around the work she does in Liberia and the causes that are important to her as a trail blazer for the next generation.

How has your job influenced the type of woman you are today? 

As you know, the individuals you affiliate with usually have a lot of influence on your mindset and character. My job has not just added exposure to my life but also experience, which has taught me a lot about life in general. Today, I am a woman who wants to be a leader. Not just to my future children but to many others out there in search of hope.

Geneva, Switzerland, receiving my award as a next-generation Leadership with the Crans Montana group.  2019

You seem to thrive on independence and a strong work ethic. How do you separate sentimentality from your Job when you come across difficult situations? 

The honest truth is I focus on the mission, the goal and the prize! I was taught to keep going until you get the prize.

What causes are important to you? Why are these causes important?

Children Rights – Children are the posterity  of any nation. We must fight for the well being and livelihood because without them there is really no future.

Mental health Awareness – Most people forget that everything we do starts from the mind, before going to the heart and then being an action. A lot of people are traumatised from one experience or the other which can greatly impact their mental health. If these people are counseled and their issues are discussed and handled, it would save them from a lot of danger.
 The Fight against Racism – Those that live in the West will relate to this more, I feel sad every time I see a form of brutality towards our race because I know I will have a black child. The question is, how to I protect him/her? how do I keep them alive or from prejudice? It starts with me using my voice and platform to speak against racism.

If you could change anything about the world, what would it be? 

Hmmm, this is kind of difficult as a lot has changed from 10 years ago. However, I really wish people could go back to being authentic and less superficial. The world has taken a totally different approach to validation.

Accra, Ghana, at a child summit with DJ Switch from Ghana. 2019

Liberia is continuously flourishing, but in the context of growth and development, what more do you think can be done to better improve the country?

Growth and development are a few of the major pillars for any progressing nation. My country is trying her best in these areas but I believe strongly in transforming the mindset of the people to do everything with Meraki, as it will serve as patriotism.

Your job includes a lot of travel. Which place would you say you had the best travel experience?

Well, traveling doesn’t really have a lot of highs because I’m acrophobic and I tend to focus more on the actual flying than the trip in general. But I do admit all of my trips have been exceptional because of my job.

Do you have a least favorite place you’ve been to?

Not to my knowledge and that’s because I’ve benefited from all of the experiences I have gotten from traveling.

Does the kind of job you do create a sense of vulnerability in you to want do more for the less privileged?

Yes it has. The Office of the Vice President serves as oversight for people living with disabilities in Liberia and due to this responsibly the OVP interacts with a lot of less -privileged people. This however leaves us with heavy and sympathetic hearts as we try our best to give back to those in need. The Bible says in James 4:17 : “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” Because of this scripture, I started a project to help orphans in Liberia by providing basic needs. I don’t publicize it because I am not doing any of it to receive validation from people but from God.

Accra, Ghana,  with the 2nd Lady.  2018

Who is your greatest influence and why?

My greatest influencer is my mom, working with her has taught me a lot; from strength to reverence for God and myself. Half of the woman I am today is because of her.

Have you read any good books lately? can you give the readers recommendations?

When it comes to books, I like self-development books to novels. I am currently perusing the Richard Templar Series on the Rules of People, Love, Wealth, etc.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Five years later, I will be 5 years better, greater, and successful.

What advice would you give young women who are also on the path of greatness? 

There are a lot of advice I would give to the next generation of great women but ill narrow it down to a few:

  • Don’t fight the process you are currently facing—nobody earns greatness overnight.
  • You are enough—don’t let anyone intimate you or manipulate you.
  • Self care will keep you alive  to enjoy the fruit of your labor. Relax, de-stress and breathe. It is a process not an event.
Rwanda, with the first Female President of Ireland 2018
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