I was born to write. It’s something organic that cannot be explained. This is the best way I know how to express myself. Each word has been carefully thought out and carelessly written down. Here there are no rules so take care not to take my words too seriously. Enjoy yourself while you read it as I enjoyed myself while writing.

8th Feb 21

Adults also need the Zones of Regulation.

As adults, there’s more pressure on...
2nd Feb 21

Your Neighbor May Be Lonely.

Home is not always a cozy...
16th Jan 21
12th Jan 21
6th Jan 21
15th Dec 20
14th Dec 20

Have we seen enough skin?

I took the course Human Anatomy...
9th Dec 20
6th Dec 20

Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself.

So, everything you thought would happen...
30th Nov 20
15th Nov 20

The Misuse of Instagram – Part 3 (As we observe).

Part 1: Part 2: The feedback...
11th Nov 20
2nd Nov 20

The Misuse of Instagram. Part 1

The Misuse of Instagram and its...
25th Oct 20


    The years have gone...
25th Sep 20

Who should pay for a date?

I am constantly changing, rarely holding...
19th Sep 20

Open Diary.

1. A Little Crush. Whenever I’ve...
17th Sep 20

Parents Are Not Their Children.

I just finished a recommended book...
6th Sep 20

Love Language.

Um, let’s see… I am like...
24th Aug 20

My Favorite Worship Songs

Covered (Planetshakers, 2015)| Back in New...
4th Aug 20

Lessons From The Color Purple

These days I hardly pray at...
2nd Aug 20

All About Love

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30th Jul 20

My Journey through the cloudy skies.

Enjoy these random pictures from my...
30th Jun 20

The Truth About Poetry.

As promised, this is the truth...
26th Jun 20

How to write poetry 

My best work is done between...
19th Jun 20

The Girl – Gender Disparity and Feminism in Nigeria. 3

PART 1: PART 2 : Culture...
16th Jun 20

The Girl – Gender Disparity and Feminism in Nigeria. 2

Read part 1 here: This...
14th Jun 20

Quarantine Diaries

Creativity: When quarantine began, my friend...
12th Jun 20

The Girl – Gender Disparity and Feminism in Nigeria (A series)

Beyoncé, a world-class entertainer, and songwriter...
9th Jun 20

24 Years.

24 years, been in 24 states...
7th Jun 20
5th Jun 20

The Spirit of May- Part 2.

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30th May 20

Club For The Broken Hearted

By Wendy Fidelis and Ayamba Tangban...
27th May 20

Body Goals. The inside matters more.

Your thighs and your eyes. Your...
23rd May 20

Another Gun, Another Victim. 2

It’s palpable, you can cut the...
19th May 20

The Spirit Of May – First Chapter.

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6th May 20

Couple Goals

The greatest love story is that...
6th May 20

I dreamt of you today.

I dreamt of you today I...
26th Apr 20
19th Apr 20
7th Apr 20
23rd Mar 20
16th Mar 20

The Lockdown (COVID-19).

How do we feel about the...
7th Mar 20
5th Mar 20

37 Lessons in 37 Years by Jessica Taylor.

37 Life Lessons by Jessica Taylor:...
4th Mar 20

To be mended & whole is...
25th Feb 20

Who is your Soul Mate?

He carelessly throws languid stares around...
23rd Feb 20
13th Feb 20
7th Feb 20
31st Jan 20

The Coronavirus.

My younger brother lives in China...
21st Jan 20

Healthy Reasons to Laugh

This January has been the fastest...
14th Jan 20

A Father’s Love

By Fenny Louise Taylor. I will...
8th Jan 20

Étage – A story of perseverance.

By Wendy Fidelis.  “Life’s a bitch...
3rd Jan 20

My New Year wishes for you.

Sweethearts, let me officially welcome you...
29th Dec 19
19th Dec 19
18th Dec 19

Last minute gifts for him and her

It’s about that time!! everybody is...
4th Nov 19

Remedy for a rough week

Friends, Romans, countrymen lend me your...
15th Oct 19

The girl who knew too much

Before I go into the details...
2nd Oct 19

Push and Pull

“It sounds simple to tell people...
2nd Oct 19

Remember this

“Think like a proton. Always positive.”...
15th Sep 19

To swim or not to swim?

  I jumped into the water...
13th Sep 19

Know Thyself

There is an infinite number of...
31st Aug 19


Forgive me father for I messed...
25th Aug 19

The Bourbon Rose

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8th Aug 19

Another Gun, Another victim

My Mom sent me a message...
8th Aug 19
6th Aug 19
26th Jul 19

The Book club

So your girl joined a dating...
14th Jul 19

ça craint

When it’s only a crush but...
17th Jun 19

Everything I touch lingers

Follow ( 0 Followers ) X...
16th May 19

The Bobby to your Whitney

Baby girl, you gotta ask yourself,...
10th Mar 19
21st Feb 19

Song of the month; Deep end by Effang

Lyrics  I ain’t one to bitch...
18th Feb 19
17th Feb 19
17th Feb 19

I am who I am

These days I feel unbothered, it’s...
17th Feb 19

Unlocked (The love angle)

I’ll swing through these glass doors...
17th Feb 19

Pandora (The love angle)

Hacked she felt hacked. He kept...
17th Feb 19

Never afraid (The love angle)

I will never be afraid to...
17th Feb 19


It was never my intention to...
18th Aug 18

TAMARALAYEFA (My second chance)

My name is Tamaralayefa Vanessa Sigha...
1st Aug 18

BARE (An interesting turn of events)

I understand you Maybe more than...
1st Aug 18

BARE (The Morning After)

You made a terrible first impression...
1st Aug 18

BARE (Most Girls)

Most girls would kiss you and...
1st Aug 18

BARE (Bare.)

The bed squeaks It almost sounds...
27th Jul 18

Men like you

I talk to God about men...
6th Jul 18


Apart from the fact that this...
2nd Jul 18

From a collection of problems (The end)

In the beginning there were problems...
2nd Jul 18
2nd Jul 18
4th Jun 18

Crave the Rave (Crave Cubana)

  Crave cubana is a franchise...
17th May 18
11th May 18


Close your eyes and imagine you...
8th May 18


Why did you cut your hair?...
22nd Apr 18


Crimson colors filled her cheeks Stealing...
17th Apr 18


For I was careless And my...
17th Apr 18


My mind is washed pure in...
17th Apr 18

Hallow thoughts

Shadows spill in the gloomy night...
17th Apr 18

The other woman

Was she your lover? Is she...
17th Apr 18


Man this lady was as righteous...
17th Apr 18

A November type of love

Coaxed into something new The experience...
17th Apr 18


July gave into august and august...
17th Apr 18

Breathe in, Breathe out

I placed death between my lips...
17th Apr 18

Thank You

Thank you For I now know...
17th Apr 18

Nothing like that.

These words I write are not...
30th Mar 18

Mother May I

Mother May I Mother May I...
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