BreAnna Wiley Talks Fitness And Being A Certified Personal Trainer.

“Everyone’s dream can come true if you just stick to it and work hard.”- Serena Williams

The quote above is BreAnna Wiley’s favorite quote by the undisputed tennis champion, Serena Williams. Bre who goes by @getfitwitbrefitness on social media is the founder and CEO of Getfitwitbrefitness. She lives to inspire others to be at their best physically and mentally. Speaking about physical and mental wellness, it is a New Year filled with fitness resolutions. A lot of you are looking forward to getting your body back in shape after the holiday festivities. Well, look no further because we brought one of Houston’s finest certified trainers to your door step. Bre’s chiseled physique and hardworking ethic has caught the attention of a lot of people looking to get in shape and maintain great physical health. Bre won the Tap Fitness Instructor of the year in 2018. She also has online training programs and plans designed to help people reach their desired body goals. Her work out routines and videos inspire her followers on social media to strive for a healthier way of living. I reached out to Bre to tell us the secret of what keeps her motivated and why she chose the path of fitness.

Bre stated that began her fitness journey in 2015 after fracturing her ankle and tearing a ligament in her knee playing basketball in college. After gaining weight due her injury she wanted to get back to her fit and athletic self. Although she had been an athlete her entire life before becoming a certified personal trainer, lifting weights became a different type of love for her. She began to find working out and lifting weights very therapeutic. She took that love a step further by becoming a personal trainer. Bre chose to become a trainer because she saw the positive impact her fitness journey had on her peers, family and followers. Her journey inspired those around her and many reached out asking if she could help get them in shape.

What keeps you motivated?

Bre: My clients, supporters, and followers keep me motivated. They are why I do what I do.  Just seeing them reach their goals and work hard keeps me going. The positive feedback I get from my followers and supporters really warms my heart. It’s amazing that so many people support little ole me. I remember when I started… I only had a few people to show up to camps. Now more and more show each and every time.

Have you encountered any setbacks and how do you handle situations like that?

Yes, I’ve encountered setbacks. I’ve dealt with injuries, losing clients, being overwhelmed and unmotivated. The list goes on and on. I deal with these situations by planning and problem solving. I always remember that when there’s a will, there’s a way. I believe everything happens for a reason and there’s always a solution to every problem. I always remember to remain calm and never panic. I understand that it’s a part life and we will all experience setbacks so I don’t take them to heart. I continue to be positive and focus on the ultimate goal. My advice is always remain positive and keep smiling no matter what.

What are some tips on healthy living and working out?

Tips I would give are to take your goals one day at a time. Don’t compare your body/image to others. Write your goals down and work towards them daily. Set small goals so that they are easier and more realistic to achieve when trying to reach your ultimate goal. Cut out the bad foods (fast foods, processed foods, cakes, cookies, soda, bread etc). Follow fitness/health people who inspire you. Seeing others doing what you wish to do is very motivating.

As a woman who is a fitness trainer do you feel more empowered?

Yes, I feel more empowered. I’ve noticed with women that when we look good, we feel good. It puts our mind in a whole new space. Taking care of my health makes me want to do so many amazing things and just inspire the world. 

Any resolutions for the New Year?

My 2020 goals are to brand myself more and create more products. I would like inspire more women around the globe and promote myself constantly. Networking with other like minded women is at the top of my list. Finally, taking my body, mind and spirit to the next level.

Feeling great and looking great goes hand in hand. Bre has taken fitness to even greater heights by starting her own apparel line known as @brefitapparel. It is an active wear and lifestyle clothing brand. It has waist bands and accessories designed for both men and women. @Brefitapparel ships worldwide, so while you’re thinking of getting in shape with Bre also head on to her apparel line to shop her products.

For more from BreAnna Wiley, visit her Instagram @getfitwitbrefitness.

Phone: 832.914.2859

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