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Favorite Lyrics From Some Of Taylor Swift’s Greatest Hits.

I am and will always be a strong member of the Swifties. In case you are wondering what that is, Taylor Swift’s fanbase goes by that nickname. I tolerate no blasphemy and I have been known to defend her name and music as if she were my blood. Oh well, it is what it is, I have fallen hard for Taylor Swift’s musical prowess and I literally can not get up. I have always wanted to compile my favorite lyrics […]

The Misuse of Instagram – Part 4 (The way forward)

In this study, I discovered that there are rules that govern the way any system is run. The creators of Instagram assume that before a user starts using the App, he/she should already be familiar with the rules. Compliance with the social rules of engagement should be enough to make users enjoy what Instagram has to offer equally. But Instagram influencers who sometimes exhibit flashy lifestyles debunk the claim that social media can be enjoyed equally. Equality as a descriptive […]

The Misuse of Instagram – Part 3 (As we observe).

Part 1: Part 2: The feedback from Millennials who use Instagram is vital in analyzing the incongruence of Instagram. To cover a wider range of audience, a survey was conducted via Instagram poll. An Instagram poll is a feature on Instagram where users can ask their followers to choose between two options. This poll was used to ask a series of questions with Millenials as the target audience. Each Instagram had different numbers of followers for wider participation. At the time of […]

Favorite Quotes From The Fault In Our Stars.

I have been meaning to read this literary work of art. I avoided this tear-jerker because dying sucks and when it’s mixed with love, it’s even harder to get over. But I finally did it, once and for all. I picked out the poetic parts that taught me something, anything at all. There will be no explanations, just a lot of quotes, make your meaning from them.  Before you begin, read the book here : So, here it goes: […]

The Misuse of Instagram – Part 2 ( The story of Dorothea)

I met Dorothea in August 2018. She stood at 5’6, with brown eyes that had a lot of dark edges. When she smiled, I could tell the sparkle was hidden behind layers of sadness. We both attended the listening party of a mutual friend and we were seated at the same table. I struck up a conversation with Dorothea, but she was a bit taciturn. Intrigued by her demeanor, I persisted, and in no time, Dorothea began to open to […]

The Misuse of Instagram. Part 1

The Misuse of Instagram and its Effect on Millennials. Part 1 There has been a rise in cases of suicide, bullying, depression, self-harm, incident exposure, and anxiety on social media. This four-part series focuses on the social media Application known as Instagram to establish that the negative effects of Instagram are a result of the millennials who use the Application and not the Application itself. Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook. Instagram was created by […]


    The years have gone by, not easily—but slowly, painfully, and bitterly.  Every year we lose a little bit of ourselves in a country meant to make us whole.  We didn’t choose to be born here, yet we pay the ultimate price with our lives.   Innocents caught up in the line of fire, ill-fated to repeat the mistakes of our forefathers.  In a country called Nigeria, its citizens are hanging only by a thin wire. The excellence of […]

We Do Not Want The Redeployment Of SARS Officers. We Need All SARS Officers To Be Fired.

NO, we do not need the redeployment of SARS officers to other police commands, formations, and units as the authorities have done. What they are trying to do is put the fire under a blanket and expect the “gullible” youths of Nigeria not to notice that there are still flames everywhere. The emotions that erupted due to Jimoh Isiaka being shot dead in Ogbomoso and Kolade Johnson being killed because he committed the crime of going to watch a football […]

Who should pay for a date?

I am constantly changing, rarely holding on to an opinion longer than necessary, but this I know to be true about dates because I have been on my fair share, it rarely goes according to plan. I haven’t had a date where I was in the mood to dissolve into a chair and be one with it because it was so bad. Neither have I had a date where I wanted the sky to consume me because it was perfect. […]

Open Diary.

1. A Little Crush. Whenever I’ve got a crush I warn my heart not to embarrass me.  I tell the silly organ to play nice and sit still. But the damn thing jumps, leaps, runs, cries, hums.  It has the audacity to spread its frivolity to my stomach;  Now I have butterflies everywhere.  I’ve tried to ignore it, but the heart wants what it wants. -Amba    2. Illusion. What if this was all a bad dream; What if we were […]

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