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Adults also need the Zones of Regulation.

As adults, there’s more pressure on us to keep it together. There’s a social construct that has been ingrained in our conditioning on how to behave. When we see a fellow adult acting “immature,” we brand that person as “childish.” What we don’t understand is that our prefrontal cortex is not fully developed till about the age of 25. The prefrontal cortex has been linked to cognitive behavior, personality expression, decision making, and moderating social behavior. Who you might consider […]

Your Neighbor May Be Lonely.

Home is not always a cozy apartment or house filled with furniture and laughter. For others who are not so fortunate,  home is the six feet of space where their shadows fall. A lot of people are dealing with mental, physical, and emotional turmoils. It is hard and lonely out there, and a lot of people need our help and prayers. I recently visited the hospital for a checkup. Before I could be seen by a doctor, a nurse had […]

40 ways to add humor to your life and work with Joel Goodman.

I coined this from the book “Laffirmations.” My boss had it at work and I decided to read through it because I needed a laugh. It was so interesting I had to pick my best 40 to share with you guys. I hope you enjoy it! An optimist laughs to forget; a pessimist forgets to laugh. – Tom Nansbury. Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be. – Abraham Lincoln. Laughter loves company even more than […]

When It Never Leaves The Talking Stage.

Normal people in the world meet their potential partners, and shortly after, form long-lasting bonds. But YOU never seem to escape the dreaded ‘talking stage’ of a relationship. Indeed, the enticing promise of potential can sometimes blind us to the most important truth: we can never love those who do not want to be loved by us. It’s frustrating to feel rejected in the ‘talking stage’ by a person who gives you mixed signals. It’s alluring, even enticing, to want […]

Where To Eat And What To See In Las Vegas.

I am bringing the fun and excitement from Las Vegas to you for the second time. This time, I am sharing about food and where to go to have an amazing time in the cosmopolitan city. There’s is an unparalleled sophistication that Las Vegas has that distinguishes it from other Vacation destinations. As a wave of nostalgia washes over me, I take comfort in knowing that the memories I made will always stay with me. I hope you get to […]

Five Places I enjoyed Visiting in Las Vegas.

“I didn’t want to go.” These were the words I uttered to my sister and best friend as we hastily planned the trip to Las Vegas. The original plan was to go to California for the holidays and tentatively drive down to Las Vegas to do some sightseeing. However, the plan took an unexpected turn. But, as I reminisce over the serendipity that was my vacation experience, I am grateful I visited Las Vegas despite my previous misgivings. I should […]

Blessing Tangban wins big at the Galaxy Music Awards. 

Blessing Tangban warmed her way into our hearts with her hit song “Pennsylvania”. The Nigerian born and raised artist recently won big at the Galaxy Music Awards for her proverbial song “Tebe Tebe” in the category of Best Female Vocalist. She was nominated alongside Chidinma for her song 40 years and other outstanding Nigerian female artistes in the music industry.  The authentic and talented musician was also nominated for Best Alternative Song. This may be a “pinch-me moment” for the […]

Have we seen enough skin?

I took the course Human Anatomy and Physiology years ago, but I still know that Anatomy is about the description of the body structure, while physiology focuses on the nature of how these structures work. As we grow older, the anatomy of our body begins to change. For instance, boys and girls change during puberty. Estrogen and testosterone work to accumulate fat in specific areas of the female body. A girl who had the same shape as a boy before […]

You’ve Crossed The Line -The Prevalence of Bullying is Quite Disturbing.

Barbara Coloros’s timeless book ‘The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander’ inspired this piece. A lot of the book’s excerpts are being used as a guide to pass this important message across. Throughout history, we have watched, read, and sometimes seen first-hand the final act of violence carried out by a person who could no longer take the pain and humiliation of being bullied. In that instance, we tacitly agree that such a person is no longer a victim, but […]

Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself.

So, everything you thought would happen this year didn’t happen, and you’re ashamed. You are not lackadaisical, you are hardworking and strong. At the beginning of the year, you chose to be successful, and indeed you were, at least for a while. But a few months down the line, the pandemic happened, and your life took a terrible turn. So, here you are, with nothing in your bank account. You are stuck at home, and the painful memories and behaviors […]

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