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Andrew Igbineweka is changing the Narrative for University students in Nigeria.

Can you tell me about the work you do, Andrew? I am always elated to talk about the work I do. I found out that there is an inherent problem with the education system in Nigeria and how students learn. I have also seen, from having conversations with graduates and undergraduates alike, that we spend four, five, six years learning stuff in school but are either incompetent or lack the confidence to use what we have learned to create real […]

The Truth About Poetry.

As promised, this is the truth about poetry. Poetry is not about the person who inspires the words It’s not about the situation surrounding it It’s about the person who writes it If you have something to say, then it’s about you It’s about the expression of diverse emotions It’s not the exchange of pain for pleasure It’s about feeling the ache and writing it anyway It’s about the freedom It’s about the realization that a single act of putting […]

How to write poetry 

My best work is done between 12am to 5am when the world is asleep and I can hear the sound of my own thoughts drumming and humming, turning and churning. That’s when I feel the words, so restless and desperate to come out into the world; desperate to be born. This in itself is poetry; not just the writing, but the feeling. If you do not feel it, you can not write it. You don’t have to be nocturnal like […]

Gender Disparity and Feminism in Nigeria – The way forward

I believe that gender equality can be achieved, but we have a long way to go. The Nigerian government needs to support its women with resources and not just with words. The constitution needs to be amended so that the rights of women are protected. More women need to be given the opportunity to be in politics and run for offices without fear of discrimination or judgmenet. Men need to task themselves with the challenge of constantly educating themselves on […]

The Girl – Gender Disparity and Feminism in Nigeria. 3

PART 1: PART 2 : Culture and Tradition The elders in Nigeria, insist that culture and tradition is what gives us our true identity. Ergo, must be protected at all costs, especially because westernization has taken precedence in today’s generation. What these elders fail to understand is that culture and tradition can also be a hindrance to growth and development, particularly when it comes to the liberation of girls in Nigeria. According to the writer Toyin O. Falola, “women have […]

The Girl – Gender Disparity and Feminism in Nigeria. 2

Read part 1 here: This is why girls should be feminists in Nigeria The way we dress: People say the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. This is the case in Nigeria, especially in the workplace. A woman is expected to dress keeping in mind that her appearance must not show any signs of sexuality or she will be reprimanded. How many times has a woman’s outfit been called into question for being too snug, or […]

Quarantine Diaries

Creativity: When quarantine began, my friend and I went out to take a few pictures that was supposed to keep us afloat for a while, at least until the quarantine was over. I realized a few weeks in that I was running out of content quickly. For a long time, I did not create, I just relied on old pictures as far back as 2018. For a while the old content came in really handy until they began to suffocate […]

The Girl – Gender Disparity and Feminism in Nigeria (A series)

Beyoncé, a world class entertainer and songwriter, released a song called ‘flawless’ in 2013, which till this day still remains a female empowerment anthem. In the song, she quoted Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Chimamanda is a Nigerian author, novelist, and writer of the acclaimed book ‘We Should All Be Feminist’. Chimamanda was quoted saying “We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller. We say to girls, you can have ambition, but not too much. You should aim to be […]

24 Years.

24 years, been in 24 states of mind. I’m sinking but it’s all I can do to stay alive, depression comes around like an old friend once in a while. And sometimes I worry that time may be running out. No words but it’s just enough to let me say; I’m not bulletproof. 24 years, tried 24 times where it counts. Am I here for the long haul and do these simple moments really count? Still a novice even when I […]

Bernice Kendra Taylor: ‘Nobody Earns Greatness Overnight’

Bernice Kendra Taylor, a 27 year old Liberian native is a force to be reckoned with. As the Executive Assistant and Director for Special Projects for the Office of the Vice President of Liberia, she is a young woman leaving her mark on the world. This piece is centered around the work she does in Liberia and the causes that are important to her as a trail blazer for the next generation. How has your job influenced the type of […]

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