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To be mended & whole is not a one time thing it is a constant process it is delicate & fragile. do not let anyone in — who will disrupt the process starting afresh is not always fun a lot of people don’t have the strength to begin again — protect your wholeness. -Amba i clap for you behind closed doors because a person like you deserves to be praised even when no one is looking -Amba It’s not just […]

The Book club

So your girl joined a dating App (yes you guessed right, it was Tinder) by the way, the stories are true, people are crazy! Anyway, who knew swiping left and right would be so much fun? I had an amazing time on Tinder. After a week and half, I had to say bye bye to all my online boyfriends. It was not meant to be long term plan, I just wanted to meet new people and have fun outside of […]

ça craint

When it’s only a crush but it hurts like love. Empty You’re a shell  a perfect empty shell  nothing ever stays inside of you  that’s a shame  because that’s exactly where I wanna be. -Amba   ça craint Let him call you dramatic after all that’s what they call us when we try to express ourselves but don’t hold those feelings in It is the only way you can be exonerated I know your heart is pure I know you’re […]

Everything I touch lingers

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Unlocked (The love angle)

I’ll swing through these glass doors and feel new again with the scent of fresh flowers and the ghost of a past now behind me l’ll walk boldly down the hall cascaded with baby’s breath now I only think of what awaits me and a lazy happiness fills me for a door I thought was closed opened the minute you knocked you knew your heart was right from mine and when yours hummed, mine responded as old as I am, […]

Pandora (The love angle)

Hacked she felt hacked. He kept stealing glances when he thought she wasn’t looking Fraud she felt like a fraud. Carelessly loving the chase They were both playing the same game and neither of them knew the reason why he was this boy named jack and she was the queen of his heart Lust the way her body responded to his every touch was like a betrayal to her she couldn’t control the way it sang with a voice filled […]

Never afraid (The love angle)

I will never be afraid to touch you the way you’ve wanted to be touched I’ll never be afraid to love you the way you always needed to be loved i’m aware of all the pain they caused you and how you’re holding it all inside the pain now drives you so raw you feel like you’re dying maybe I’ve been sent to come and save you and set your heart soaring again l’ll never be afraid to hold you […]

The love angle ( A collection of beauty, love and lust)

The way we view beauty now always on the outside rarely on the inside It ought not to be we have been thrown into an alternate reality and no one is a winner here each minute expectations go higher, minds grow weaker * when do you finally compliment yourself? when is it okay to finally be okay with who you are? to explore the intimate secrets within and embrace the truth found in there * when do you finally accept a […]


It was never my intention to be consumed by you I wasn’t searching, I wasn’t looking yet you found me I remember when I first saw you in that retro gear you looked like you were in a hurry I wasn’t sure who you were but you looked all too familiar then you heard my name and our eyes met you spoke to me like you knew me like you wanted me like you had to have me It was never […]

BARE (An interesting turn of events)

I understand you Maybe more than I understand me How your voice rises when I call and your eyes stare into mine, always filled with longing You had dreams, I had dreams too You had ambitions, I had mine too Yet you made plans for us, building castles in the air Castles we were never meant to live in. * We all have to make sacrifices for things we want the most I know what you wanted the most, you’ll […]

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