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As a fashion enthusiast, I am constantly looking for ways to spice up my wardrobe. My wings are a bit clipped when it comes to shopping from various brands because if a particular brand has my taste and my size, I’ll most likely make that brand my home. However, this year I decided to do things differently. Back in Nigeria, I was a regular thrift store ‘Monday market’ connoisseur. I would always go there to find incredibly beautiful pieces of […]

The Magazine Aesthetic.

Hey guys! first of all, let me take this time to apologize to no one and everyone about my absence from the blog. I have had a few dedicated readers check in, asking if everything was okay. To publicly answer your questions with a vague response just like the rapper T.I who on the Red Table Talk said a bunch of words laced with no meaning — I have been dealing with deep family issues. I keep saying this year […]

A walk on the wild side.

What does a landscape photographer and a blogger/fashion model have in common? Nothing ——— Or absolutely everything. Those with creative mindsets are always drawn to each other. There’s always this magnetic, artistic pull that brings them together regardless of what spectrum they are on. For me, no matter what type of art you specialize in, if the passion is there, there is always the possibility of branching into a different artistic field and excelling. It is the same system, just […]

37 Lessons in 37 Years by Jessica Taylor.

37 Life Lessons by Jessica Taylor: @your_datingstylist I turned 37 a couple weeks ago, and I must say, I have experienced many things in my life. These experiences have shaped me into who I am today. Sharing this with all of you is as important to me as it may be to you. It is a road map of how far I have come in 37 great years and the amazing experiences that are ahead of me as a result […]

Makeup is Science – Babenexttdoor

In the early months of 2017, Babenextdoor, a school dropout was sitting in her living room when the thought of being an Instagram makeup artist came crawling by. The idea of starting a YouTube channel and becoming a professional makeup artist seemed doable but she was camera shy & she had no money to fund such an expensive dream. She began using the makeup of her mother and sister to practice on herself. While the quality did not feel great, […]


Happy Valentines/Galentines day y’all It may be Valentines day but I am celebrating the Galantines event that happened a few days ago. I have been to modeling events & fashion shows but never to a Bloggers event. Needles to say, this was my first time attending an event for bloggers/influencers and I was blown away. The fashion, the location, the bloggers, the tea, the colors was everything!! My first bloggers event hosted at Encore Boston Harbor was all that I […]

The Yellow Snow.

I have always been interested in night photography. The uniqueness of capturing an image between dusk and dawn was something I wanted to experiment with. It’s definitely harder to shoot at night because it takes longer to expose, your makeup may not match your skin perfectly, & the colors may vary depending on the setting. When I spoke to James, who happens to be my photographer about the shoot, he had not done it before. He had to learn the […]

Fashion. Purses. Poetry. Martina.

New York is described as the city that never sleeps. The city is filled with eccentric souls pursuing their greatest passions. Undoubtedly, Martina is one of those souls. She is living the New York dream the best way she’s knows how, through fashion. Martina has created a space where “fashion & poetry coincide”. What used to be an aspiration has now become a reality filed with colors, textures & patterns that showcases her love for pop culture. Her Instagram is […]

Outfit Essentials

For every woman’s wardrobe to be complete she needs to have the following: simple flats, black pants, skinny Jeans, white tee, wrap dress and the juicy little black dress. I’m sure a lot more goes into it but these are the few I believe keeps a woman in style. Whenever I am planning an outfit, I make sure the blouse/tee goes with the bottoms. It can be a skirt, jeans or khakis. I pre-style the outfit with shoes, earrings, purse and […]

My New Year wishes for you.

Sweethearts, let me officially welcome you in a fashionable way to a New Decade. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! IT’S 2020 BABY! I heard the world was gonna end four years ago. I am glad that did not happen because a New Year means new beginnings and the possibility to start afresh. On the 1st of January my cousins and I parked our car on a bridge in New Orleans and watched displays of fireworks across the city. We saw the sky […]

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