Couple Goals

The greatest love story is that of the moon and the sun. They coparent the earth beautifully. The sun comes out when it’s time and the moon does the same. You never see them fight because they rotate the earth in sync. When there’s trouble in heaven, it means the dark clouds have been sent on assignment to wet the earth. the sun and moon weather the storm together in their secret hiding place.

After the clouds have cleared, the sun and moon appear in their respective time zones and once again, exude hope and light. The sun can be melodramatic, but the moon does not judge her for she spices up the sky. When golden hour rests, the world is enveloped in the radiance of the moon who surrounds himself with his friends, known as the constellations. Together, they watch over restless souls through the night. Often times the constellations shy away from the night sky leaving the moon without a friend for the night. And when they are with their lovers, the moon is left by himself, missing the sun. Still, the moon perseveres, knowing the sun counts on him to guard the earth till dawn. It is a constant reminder of partnership, strength, uniqueness and intimacy. When next you are outside, take a moment and look up… Love is not just written in the stars, it is written in the sun and her moon.

By @hersoulwrites on Instagram

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