Crave the Rave (Crave Cubana)


Crave cubana is a franchise with its main headquarters in Lagos.  A branch opened in Abuja in February 2016. I’m sure a lot of entertainment lovers were excited. It is located in 130 Adetokunbo Ademola crescent Wuse 2.  You can hardly miss it because it is a massive building with gold pillars and marbled walls. Boldly written above the the pillars is the word “CRAVE”.


Crave means to feel a powerful desire for something. There is no doubt that there is so much to be desired about Cubana from the food, to the drinks, bush bar, restaurant and club. It is an all round entertainment house known both locally and internationally.

Visiting Crave was the highlight of my week. The service rendered was admirable. My friends and I visited the restaurant upstairs which has a cool bar with assorted wine selection  and a cozy fire place. We also tried out the bush bar behind which was nothing short of spectacular.


The food menu goes from local dishes to assorted meals that are made with special care. You know how you order for something and they shock you by bringing something else? Well, that did not happen at Cubana. You get so much more than what you ordered. The prices are not on the high side so you can afford to eat a good meal without worrying about breaking your bank account.

When it comes to the night life, crave is known to be ahead of the game. They begin by making each person feel special on their social media platforms by posting a picture announcing their presence. Celebrities are known to be a part of the festivities too. The drinks are endless and the energy is electric.  Party goers are sure to be guaranteed a good time.

Feel free to stop by anytime and explore everything crave has to offer. Follow their social media page on instagram @cravecubanna and stay up to date on the latest events..

Outfit : Dress, shoe and bag from Razor sharp collection @razorsharpng
Pictures by @marflix




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