CUBE CAFÉ (The charm. The art. The Menu)

My best friend and I walked in at about past 3:00pm, they were few people already inside the café.  At the entrance, a Woman sat alone, she was speaking to someone over the phone while doing some work on her laptop. To the side, a man and a woman sat facing each other, apparently in a meeting . Finally, a man dressed in suit sat calmly, unperturbed. I  greeted him as I took my sit already falling in love with the view.

Few minutes later, a man walked up to us.  He greeted us and politely suggested that we come to the counter to place our orders when we were ready. The menu was mounted on a wooden stand to the side of the counter. The man, He was dressed in a simple manner.  cladded in a stripped T shirt, a jean and a palm slippers. Most importantly, he wore a smile and  had a calm demeanor. No one would have guessed he was the owner of Cube café.

After debating about what to order for a few minutes, my friend and I walked up to the counter. We struggled between saving money and placing an order that would be fit for the blog. He noticed that they was something different about the way we looked and asked if we were bloggers. With our response, he was kind enough to take us around and give us a brief history about the café.

Cube café opened about two years ago at number 10 Nile Street in Abuja. Needing more space, they decided to take a spot in Maitama amusement park. It really is not hard to miss because the walls outside are something out of a story book. The walls took 8 weeks to paint and the interior decorations took a total of three months to set up. The chairs, paintings and decorations where hand made by the owners of the place. Talk about young creatives!


It is so aesthetically built and furnished to give you that cottage charm. Each corner is furnished with wooden chairs, couches, paintings and books. Pictures will never be enough to do this place justice. You have to experience such a place for yourself.

It can be whatever you want it to be; a work space, a quiet space, a meeting space or a party space. Whoever you are and whatever you want to do, cube café has you covered. It is basically set to give you peace and tranquility.

There is a variety of entrees; burgers, salads, teas, coffees, smoothies and wine. Prices are very affordable starting from as low as 500 naira and above.

we spent a total of 4,500 Naira for everything we ordered.

They have a space outside, almost like a garden but with wooden chairs and lights that gives it a certain atypical feel. For those who love Black Panther, there’s a painting of Okoye the warrior on the wall in the garden. Interesting right? The space is used for family gatherings, parties, art exhibitions, painting classes and most interestingly Okanja. Okanja is a term used to describe the musical showcase that takes place at the café.

Finally, they support young creatives and entrepreneurs. So whenever you stop by, be sure to take your with you.  You never know where amazing opportunities will find you.


Located at 16, Usuma close, off Usuma Street. Inside Maitama amusement park. Maitama Abuja
Mail: +234-81760-52581
Social media: @thecubecafe/ @thwcubwartcafe
All pictures by @summerrachanata



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