Explain The Lyrics with Blessing Tangban

In this day and age, it is difficult to find music with lyrics that pulls at your heart strings. Blessing Tangban makes music for the progressive mind. Her song writing is thoughtful and direct— good for the body and even better for the soul. Although physically composed, her mind is riddled with proverbs and lessons from life that she shares with the world through her work of art. In the creative league with the likes of Brymo and Asa, and with songs like ‘Grow Up’ and ‘Pennsylvania’ that you may have heard playing on the radio on your way to work, her lyrics give answers to questions about love, heartbreak and life. Featuring the likes of Johnny Drille and M.I Abaga on some of her records, she has consistently delivered beautifully written Afro-folk songs.

This Nigerian born and raised artist, has a gift for writing — for putting words together and breathing meaning into them. It may seem seamless to the untrained eye but the emotions, thoughts and efforts that goes into creating her sound is as important as the sound itself. As a fan, I have been able heal and move on from wounds of the heart because of her music. I reached out to Blessing Tangban to explain some of her poetic lyrics to her fans who are also eager to know the meaning behind some of her greatest work of art.

Lyrics: But I still get compliments like hey girl you look so good, you smile just right, but I don’t let it get in here, if I was special you’d be here – Insecure. ( Listen here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6p01QbAqpU0)

Blessing Tangban: This to me means that on the outside, you can look like the most beautiful person on earth with so many accomplishments that people applaud everyday and hope to attain.  However, on the inside, you are hollow, insecure. You are  not feeling worthy of these compliments and achievements because the one person you’re looking for adulation and praise from, does not acknowledge these great qualities. Hence the line “ if I was special, you’d be here”.

Lyrics: I remember what mama told me. She said girl, you put your dreams before your feelings you can be anything you want – Free. (Listen here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IIM1L55M8YU)

Blessing Tangban: I once read/heard somewhere that commitment supersedes feelings. This means that whether you feel great or not, once you’ve made a commitment, you gotta show up and honor that commitment. Pursuing a dream is not easy, they’re so many challenges and it feels like giving up is the smartest thing to do, more than it isn’t but if you put that dream or your commitment to that dream in front of those feelings, one day, you’ll triumph.

Lyrics: I got a high tolerance for abuse but this thick skin is shielding me from both bad and good thingsGrow up. ( Listen here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Fkh5UoRBsLk)

Blessing Tangban: Well, most times in life, we think developing a thick skin, putting your walls up and staying “on guard” is the best approach to dealing with negative situations. But what we don’t know is that those walls that we put up, block both negativity and positivity. It shields you from both bad and good things.

Lyrics: If pain is the antidote to pain, then baby I’ll need you to stay away — you make me handicapped, in my helpless world, stay away, don’t think I can love againHarrison. (Listen here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fSTGCgu8rmo)

Blessing Tangban: This is a bit more poetic and open to translation. But when I wrote it, I was trying to paint a picture like this: if you hit your toe on a hard surface and it hurts, it usually feels so much better if you apply plenty pressure on it which is also some form of pain. So, it’s like fighting fire with fire. It’s a kind of catch 22; if love is the solution to my loneliness and therefore the cause of my loneliness because it never lasts, I’d rather just be without it.

Lyrics: I’m a stranger & I go wherever — I never look back because it suits me betterNowhere girl. ( Listen here : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pXPspx5oz6o)

Blessing Tangban: I was writing about my time of being a drifter here, because I used to just move from place to place without forming any reasonable or lasting attachments. It made it easier to drift.

Lyrics: Was it what you planned — running through your mind? Was it nice to meet you? The only way out is throughI Love Me. (Listen here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GzOGx2mIs_Y)

Blessing Tangban: Some people drink, do drugs and engage in certain activities to avoid their problems and still find out that these activities drag them deeper into their minds. So, I was basically saying conceptually that facing yourself is inevitable, but when you eventually do meet yourself, do you like what you find?

Lyrics: Didn’t I tell you dear heart, pumping blood is your only job — if you fall in love you’ll be on your own. I don’t want any part in this phony business called loveLove. ( Listen here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gqSsq2XdGQ0)

Blessing Tangban: The heart is a treacherous betrayer. You could just finish having a solid productive meeting with all the parts of your body responsible for letting people in, and decide to protect your being at all costs from love. But the next second, your heart is saying… let’s give this new person a try… Betrayer. 

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Visit her website: https://blessingt.com/

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