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New York is described as the city that never sleeps. The city is filled with eccentric souls pursuing their greatest passions. Undoubtedly, Martina is one of those souls. She is living the New York dream the best way she’s knows how, through fashion. Martina has created a space where “fashion & poetry coincide”. What used to be an aspiration has now become a reality filed with colors, textures & patterns that showcases her love for pop culture. Her Instagram is Insta-perfect, her makeup always flawless but more than that, she has a passion for what she does. The fire in her veins mixes with her creative mindset. Martina has over two thousand aesthetically pleasing posts on Instagram that describes her love for fashion, food, purses and poetry. She was happy to share with us why and how she stays consistent and where we can shop her enviable purse collection.

Martina, how long have you been blogging?

I have been actively blogging since 2013. I started out on my personal Blog page called The Style Alien, posting daily style tips and OOTD (outfit of the day) inspirations. While I did that, I re-shared my OOTDs on Tumblr, and Instagram. Also, I was contributing on Teen Vogue’s Fashion Click Community. Around 2015- 2016, I closed the Style Alien chapter of my life but still craved a creative outlet to share my idea. So, I decided to take my Instagram feed more seriously and I began actively curating and posting fashion and lifestyle content on the platform ever since.

What piqued your interest in fashion?

I started out loving to paint and draw still life at 13 in high school. When I realized I had a passion for art, I decided I wanted to pursue working in the fashion field then and there. Since choosing this path, all my choices and decisions were in alignment with the end goal of being the Fashion Designer that I am today. I went to Art College in my country for 2 years. Then, I studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology for 4 years in the Womenswear Fashion Design program. Throughout this time, I freelanced and work at some of the best New York RTW companies until I achieved my goal and here I am today.

How do you mix fashion and poetry together? 

“The space where fashion and poetry coincide.” I coined this quote for myself  in reference to my Instagram feed as a whole, after I realized that I wanted a space to share my poetry but still keep the essence of my feed predominately fashion based. I mix the two by sharing my poetry in the captions of each of my posts. I love writing poetry and journaling overall. I do this daily and this is how I’m able to share pieces of my journalling and poetry into my Instagram captions.

I see you have a lot of gorgeous purses where do you get them from?

I love a good unique handbag! I’m not quite sure where this obsession of mine started but I felt like one day I woke up and there were so many handbags in my closet. My collection is a large range between high end and low end. For my more expensive pieces, Far Fetch,  and The Real Real are my go-to. I also love scouting out cool and unique handbag designs from Forty Five Ten, Cult Gia, Danse Lente, ASOS  and Selfridges.

Do you have a favorite purse? Do you have a hashtag for your purses?

Though it’s hard to choose, I would definitely would have to pick my BB Spotted Pony bag from the brand Benedetta Bruzziches 

What inspires you to create? 

I get inspired through art and music.

Oh, interesting. Do you feel pressured being who you are and doing what you do? 

The fashion world for me has been a rollercoaster of emotions  and there were many times when I felt the need to chase and create the next best thing. I was pressuring myself to be this impossible perfect version of myself but with time, I’ve learnt to let go of worrying too much about the pressure of seeking perfection within my industry. Now, I chase being my most authentic and true self, no matter how hard the pressure gets. 

Tell me a bit about New York, you always seem to find the best spots to take amazing pictures. 

I love New York, I’ve aspired to live here since I was 13 and here I am now 8 years later. New York is such an amazing city filled with endless amounts of creative energy and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else at this point in my life. During my shooting days, my photographer and I usually pick a neighborhood to explore each week and we scout out ideal scenery that would best compliment my outfit and the overall mood of my Instagram feed. I usually seek out locations that are not the typical famous New York tourist landmarks. I opt for locations that I am am able to create my own unique perspective, these are the locations that are generally overlooked at first glance but  has so much rich beauty.

Is there somewhere you haven’t traveled to that you would love to visit? 

Yes! I’d love to visit Maldives, it’s been a dream destination of mine for a very long time.

Biggest collaboration till date? 

I recently collaborated with Amex which was pretty awesome. 

Are you excited about this year? Any resolutions?  

Definitely quite excited for this year, I’ll be traveling a lot more this year to some new places I haven’t been before so I’m looking forward to that.

Any advice for ladies who want to be bloggers? 

My greatest advice is to find your niche then work on ways to express your own unique point of view within your chosen niche. Sounds cliche, but its always important to stay true to yourself and follow your passion.

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