Five Times The Charm

Picture this: You’re lying on your bed doing what you usually do on the weekend; nothing something, anything (if you’re like me, it’ll definitely be nothing). Out of the blue, you get a message on Instagram from an Instagram friend asking if you would like to be part of a shoot centered around Bloggers, specifically for women of color in Boston.

When I received the message from Binja (also known as @africancocktail on Instagram), I was over the moon. Prior to doing this shoot, I had not done anything quite like it before.  The shoot was going to include three other amazing Boston bloggers

Binja (@africancocktail )

Bethany Everett- Ratcliffe (@twentysomethingplus)

Berenice (@sweetprophecy__)

Warlene Rene (@warlenerene)

You know me, any opportunity to create content for what I do is very welcomed. However, I was a bit apprehensive because going to Boston would mean having to find a place to stay which usually was a pain for me. Binja was so kind to offer her home to me for the weekend. She was without doubt the kindest host. Her energy and laughter was electric and contagious.

The day of the shoot was quite like the host, beautiful, full of life and so much fun. There was just so much creativity and love emanating from everyone. It was my first time meeting everyone and I remember saying to Warlene that we all looked like human beings, so down to earth and so warm.  It is like we all jumped out of social media into real life. Everyone represented their brand as strong black beautiful women ready to take on the world. This is what it always should be about, women supporting women and uplifting each other.

The most important part was the little conversations we had in between pictures. It was so important for me to know these lovely women behind the creative social media pages and blogs they run. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for their posts and I am hoping they’ll be more collaborations like this in the near future.

Being a human who supports and encourages others does not cost anything. So, while you’re on here reading this post, take note of all the amazing names that were listed and go support them.

Pictures taken by the amazing Stephanie (@thediahannproject)

Stephanie’s art is definitely unique and the way she expresses it is quite delightful. She was so energetic and captured everyone so beautifully. Please follow and support her art.

The last two pictures were taken by @twentysomethingplus



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