From a collection of problems ( A perfect House)

I walk through this house
An almost Perfect house
A morbid looking house
A Classy house
A restless looking house

The cupboards are empty and dusty
The owners, something bad happened to them
Their pictures are still here
Two sons and a daughter
Gap tooth and smiling eyes
So Perfect.

The lady, the mother to the smiling children
She was small and prim
Her beauty so intense
Her Heart so pure
It was a shame what happened here
They were nice neighbors

They held barbecues in their backyard
With knifes that weren’t sharp
And forks that fed happy people
Happy feet danced on the lawn
And families swam in their pool

Her husband was handsome
With eyes that held secrets
He was trouble, that one
But no one ever bothered
He always wore suits
And smiled a little too much
He walked and watched his back
And always came home late
He was just so strange.

The house is on the market now
And the trees are losing their leaves
No one here is gonna buy it
I think it’s a big mistake
The house isn’t the problem
The people who lived in it were
Now that I think about it
It’s a little too much to Handle

I loved the house
I always loved to visit
It was warm and welcoming
And always reminded me of spring
The people who lived in it
They were my friends
Once upon a time

I look at the faded walls
And peeling colors
I shiver a lot
Because the truth is still surprising

It was last December
I came home from work
My door was unlocked
And red stains marked the floor
A chill ran down my spine
But I couldn’t turn away

On my bed she slept
The lady with the perfect family
In her hand she held a knife
On her neck she had a deep cut
How she entered, I wonder till this day
May her soul rest where there’s peace

We are all a little crazy
And we have a collection of problems
Some more than others
Others less than some.

They were two buildings in a row
With perfect structures
And perfect little families
They are all gone now
And we have the lady to blame.

It all happened that night
No one bothered to be scared
They opened the door to the devil
They didn’t even know it

With the knife she used to put herself to sleep
She struck my neighbors
One after the other
They all slept forever
And no one put up a fight
Because no one saw it coming
No one made a sound
There just wasn’t enough time

Her family slept peacefully in a pool of blood
Like the one in their backyard
It turned out her husband wasn’t the problem
The beautiful lady was

No one lives here now
I stop by Alone
And place flowers in my neighborhood
Like I do every December.
It’s been three years
But no one has forgotten
The lady with the perfect house
Who had a taste for blood
Including her own.




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