From a collection of problems (Damn these pictures)

Every word here is important
Everyone here isn’t
You’ve got big shoes to fill
Too bad they don’t make them in your size
Every picture here tells a story
Not every story has meaning
Sometimes I tear up when I read them
Other times I get bored to death

I don’t die though
1. I’m scared of been buried
With people I don’t know
2. the ground gets too stuffy
And I am claustrophobic

People travel to new cities
Just to smell roses
I travel to my back yard
I have a farm there
If there’s a list of people who have travelled
I’ll be on there too
Because home is where the heart is
The airplane isn’t

Rich people die
Poor die too
It’s a shame you see
Money or no money
Death is the ultimate

Some play truth or dare
Others play never have I ever
What’s the use?
Someone always ends up getting hurt

Your opinion counts
Well, mine does too
But do you count
How many times you give your opinion?

Damn these pictures
Instagram this and face book that
Twitter rant and my space brats
Snap chat noise and whatsApp groups

Life is perfect aint it?
And fame is what you need
Well get into the spot light
And watch what happens
When the light stops shining on you

Damn these pictures
Damn these pictures

If you choose to dance to the music
Better get the right shoes.
When the music starts
You’ll be dancing for quite a while.

Nothing is picture perfect
There’s always a story behind it
Whether good or bad
When the camera stops snapping
All the mask come off.

Say it with me
Damn these pictures
Repeat it to yourself
Damn these pictures.



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