From a collection of problems ( I cant afford to feed my self)

I can’t afford to feed myself
I don’t have enough money
The market is now a luxury
I can’t afford to have the simple things

I am not complaining
The economy is bad
Everyone is going through this
I don’t think I’m alone

Well not everyone
You see the problem is
The rich are getting richer
While I can’t afford to feed myself
The people in power steal my money
And steal from others too
they share it with their families
They travel to big cities
And develop other countries
While I grow a little thinner every day
Because I can’t afford to feed myself

They fight to get in power
And swear to do right
They use God’s name in vain
And place their hands on bibles
They promise to live by the truth
And list out seven steps
They even have agendas
But it’s all part of their plan

They never travel by road
So they don’t know how many people die there
They drink only bottled water
While people die of thirst
They eat their cake and have it too
And seem to get away with it
Even when I pay my taxes
When I can’t afford to feed myself
They eat that too

While I starve to death
Their babies live abroad
While people jump over board
They hide money in buildings
In ceilings and in tanks
They never call themselves selfish
They don’t see it that way

Their hearts have been hardened
And soon they’ll pay the prize
The books will soon be open
And questions will be asked
They’ll start to lose it all
For it wasn’t theirs in the first place

I can’t afford to feed myself
But I laugh anyway
Because my hearts is as innocent
And as empty as my belly
One day it will get better for me
But I can’t say the same for them
I can’t afford to feed my self
But I eat any way
And never have to watch my back
Sleep with a half empty stomach
Knowing who is gonna pay the ultimate price




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