From a collection of problems (You’ve Been Through A lot)

You never see your beauty unless you’re looking in someone else’s mirror
You never trust the truth
You’re always looking for affirmation
Your mind is the problem
Not the answers that you’re seeking

Just stop.
Be kind to yourself
Always be kind to yourself.

You got wounds in your soul
And it’s shows on your body
You’ve been badly bruised
You stay in the house were you got abused
And it kills you every time you relive it

Just leave.
Leave the bags behind
There is healing in starting over
And redemption in moving on

You took a bite out of the apple
And it wasn’t what you expected
You sold your birth right
And it wasn’t that expensive

Well damn.
You still are worth a lot
More than you know
Baby I’ve been there too
You’re not alone.

You’re grinding and you’re working
But they are people walking on your grind
You’re suffering and your hustling
But the hustle doesn’t want to be bothered
You’re believing there’s a future
But the future’s laughing at you

Just swim.
Don’t waste no time
The waters rising.

If your methods never working
Then you don’t have a working method
The pages that you’re flipping
Never have a *flipping* meaning

Breathe in
Don’t be in a rush
To rush the process

Like the prodigal son your life is nothing but someone’s lesson
You’ve been busted almost rusted
Always looking like you’re stressed
You had a seat around the table
But you took the floor instead
You’re dining with the devil
And the angel’s shaking his head

Stand up.
You’ve got a second chance
To kiss your fathers ring

There’s hope in believing
But believing takes hope
And sweet heart I see you’re trying
And earnestly expecting
The chambers doors are now opened
And you’re eager to be received

So come home.
Where there’s life there’s hope
Just come home
We’ll be waiting for you to come home.



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