Happy Valentines/Galentines day y’all

It may be Valentines day but I am celebrating the Galantines event that happened a few days ago. I have been to modeling events & fashion shows but never to a Bloggers event. Needles to say, this was my first time attending an event for bloggers/influencers and I was blown away. The fashion, the location, the bloggers, the tea, the colors was everything!! My first bloggers event hosted at Encore Boston Harbor was all that I hoped it would be. When I received a message on Instagram from Azulena Royer (@azulenaroyer on Instagram) saying that my girl Binja (@africancocktail on Instagram) told her I would be a great person to invite to the Galenties day event she was hosting, I was way too excited. It was a tea making workshop, with a lot of macrons, sandwiches & cocktails to go around. I met bloggers from around Boston who were just as excited to be there. These types of events are mostly to connect with bloggers & influencers because chances are we will be running into each other at other events & it does not hurt to know a familiar face.

I remember where I started from, a model in Nigeria just trying to show the world what I already knew I had inside of me. Two years later, I am still consistent & my hard work seems to be paying off. I honestly felt so out of place at first because I did not think I had the following enough to even be considered a blogger. However, each lady at the event had a story to tell through their fashion, their smiles & the interaction I had with some of them. In no time, I felt at home. These were my colleagues and we were invited because we worked so hard to be there. Getting a seat at the table can be hard but if you stay true to who you are, you’ll end up being the one breaking your own boundaries & accomplishing way more than you thought you would. I hope this is always my outlook on life; to never forget where I came from. I want this to always mean the world to me. I never want to get too comfortable in the life of blogging & events such as this that I forget how much of a privilege it is.

That’s by the way. Before the event was over, I drank way too much cocktail, I just kept drinking other people’s wine. I took off  shoes trying to take pictures for others & I got stuck in the elevator. I hate enclosed spaces & would rather take the stairs than an elevator so that was a funny yet scary moment for me. In the end, I left the event slightly tipsy, with my shades on & a pain reliever in one hand. I had way too much fun, connected with great & interesting minds & went home very satisfied.

The tea @Jenweytea sent us home with was the truth. I am not big on coffee or teas but I’ll definitely be trying it out & sharing it with friends. If you love fashion like do then this was the event to be at. Though we had a dress code of pink, white, & red, ultimately each blogger showed up in their own unique style. Encore Boston Harbor was more than I expected it would be. Every floor, every painting, every design smelt of money & high end taste. I felt like a queen just walking in there. My friends & I already plan to go back there to take pictures & explore the place some more. If you are going to Encore Boston, you should know that they don’t allow professional cameras but your phone can capture a great pictures if you have the right settings, just FYI. Finally Salma Kilaouy (@salma_k_photography on Instagram) delivered such stunning images. She took all our pictures & they turned out amazing.




Dress : Sassy & Class Long Sleeve Dress: Color: MULTI – $23.93

Forever 21

Shoes : Faux Leather Buckle Mules Color : WHITE –  $14.95

Sweater : Ribbed Cutout Sweater Color : CREAM – $17.90

Hair clip : Faux Pearl Barrette Set Color : GOLD/CREAM – $6.99

All pictures taken by @salma_k_photograpghy

Instagram of all the beautiful ladies provided by @azulenaroyer

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