Have we seen enough skin?

I took the course Human Anatomy and Physiology years ago, but I still know that Anatomy is about the description of the body structure, while physiology focuses on the nature of how these structures work. As we grow older, the anatomy of our body begins to change. For instance, boys and girls change during puberty. Estrogen and testosterone work to accumulate fat in specific areas of the female body. A girl who had the same shape as a boy before puberty all of a sudden takes on a different shape during puberty. Her breasts, buttock, and hips become bigger and larger.

As that happens, she begins to either appreciate the way she looks, tries to enhance her body to make her more comfortable in her skin, or share pictures/videos, either to empower herself or for compliments and praises. Barbara J King said the link between art appreciation and clothes-shedding is pretty tenuous. On social media, we all have a front seat to the culture of over-sexuality. We no longer blush and hide our faces when we see a nude picture. We click on the image, zoom in to see the parts that have been skillfully covered, like it, leave a comment, and sometimes, share it. In order words, we are desensitized to sexual content. We can share and request nude images from each other because the line between keeping our bodies private and sharing them with the world has been blurred. For the low price of $1, you can get more nudity and sexually explicit content to last you a lifetime. Karen Hamilton expertly wrote that those we look up to on social media, influencers and celebrities alike, routinely appear in compromising and salacious photos/videos. The press and tabloids reward these compromising and titillating photos/videos with adulation. The message to the younger generation: If you got it, flaunt it. Morality has been diluted, and in the process, our autonomies may have been compromised.

People say the way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed. There is that antiquated, and illiterate belief that women who do not want to be sexually molested should not dress in a suggestive/proactive manner. We seem to forget that in a lot of cultures, nudity is part of the way the indigenes express themselves. The intention of partial or full nudity was not always perverse. It was a conscious decision to empower women and men to feel comfortable in their skin. Nudity has even become an art form. However, the escalation of nude photos on social media is at an all-time high, and suggestive pictures can easily be categorized as seduction, and exploitation, instead of art, and empowerment.

I would like us to ponder on the following questions as we go along:

  • Is it ultimately dangerous for women to engage in public nudity or partial nudity?
  • Have we seen enough skin and would like to go back to wearing clothes?
  • Why are men permitted to show their bare chests, but is debauchery when women free the nipple?
  • Would you have a job if you were showing less skin?
  • Is it about clout or empowerment?
  • In a world where everyone seems okay with too much skin being exposed, what message are we sharing with the younger generation?

Essentially, we control what we want others to see. Our bodies are our own, and for people to see them, we have to give them that right. It is no secret that women have always been wrongly objectified. I worry that minors are also being thrown into the mix as they face the pressures of over-sexualization. Less is more, we have heard it before. You can choose to show less & be more. It does not take away from who you are if you choose to keep your body private. Or if you like clothes so much, you’d rather wear them than go nude. Don’t be pressured into showing more when it’s not in your character to do so. There are so many ways you can show you are comfortable in your skin without sexualizing yourself. Choose who you want to be and be okay with that. You are in charge of your body, and you have the ultimate choice. Empowerment ultimately lies in our ability to choose what we want the world to see.

More skin or less skin? You decide.

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