Healthy Reasons to Laugh

This January has been the fastest month so far. I remember in 2019, January lasted for 11 years. Can you believe it’s already the 21st of January? It sounds exciting for others because it means the month of love is upon us. For some, January has not been an easy month with work, bills, kids, school and relationships. That’s okay, life is not always benevolent and we have to learn to adjust to the parts of it that stresses us internally and externally.

One of the tricks to not looking like what we’ve been through, or currently going through is laughter. I can hear the groaning already, what does laughter have to with anything you ask? Well, laughter has so many health benefits. With the help of my beautiful model and sister, I am sharing with you reasons why you should laugh. So, let’s go through them one by one, shall we?

Laughter Elevates Stress.

When you open your mouth really wide because you can’t control that joyous burble bursting inside of you, your muscles begins to relax. This is where I’m supposed to insert a quirky little joke to give you an example of how it works but I am not Dave Chappelle. If you’re not convinced, you should also know that laughter boosts the immune system. Smiling/laughing releases endorphins and cortisol which reduces blood pressure. Isn’t it a great health benefit when your blood pressure can be reduced by just laughing out loud or smiling?

Laughter Brings About Positivity.

You’re probably still not convinced. I can hear the voices in your head saying your problems cannot be fixed by laughing. I concur, your problems won’t go away just because you laughed at a funny joke. However, laughter helps take your mind off worries and issues. It keeps you in a lighter mood and brings the light back to your eyes. If you feel softer on the inside you can begin to look at things a different way. It is not magic because positivity lives inside of you, laughter only helps to bring it out. I always say a nonsexual thing that turns me on is seeing someone smile or laugh because it brightens up their face and warms their eyes. If you can laugh on the outside, you’ll feel better on the inside.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine.

No? Still nothing? Fine. Have you ever heard the phrase “laughter is the best medicine?” because it absolutely is.  Laughter increases the flow of blood around the heart. When blood flow is increased the chances of getting heart problems and cardiovascular diseases can decrease.

Laughter Broadens Your Mindset

I think I am getting you on my side so I’m just gonna keep going. Mentally you may be drained, exhausted even. Your relationships may not be working out and your colleagues at work may be given you a hard time. Finding the courage to keep going may be difficult but laughing gives you the strength to do so. All of a sudden your big issues do not seem so hard to deal with anymore. Laughter refocuses you and it broadens your mindset.


Laughter Is Contagious

 Let me paint a scenario for you. You are walking past a stranger and you decide to smile, they look up and return that smile. You may not know it, it may not show but you may have brightened that strangers day. You never know what a person is going through. When you smile, you show that you have social awareness and that you care enough to share that awareness with someone else.

It may be difficult for you to get past your problems but you should. Worrying or frowning about it only adds to the issues you have to deal with. Free yourself, free your mind and try to laugh. It may feel weird at first, but in no time you’ll be sharing that joy with someone else.

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