How to shop ✨


Hey Gang! Welcome to 2019. Today, we are talking about how to shop. 

I believe shopping is on everyone’s list of favorite things to do. Its definitely one of mine. Why there isn’t a bad way to shop, there are definitely easier ways to pick outfits that keeps your wardrobe colorful with just the right variety of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Before I started shopping this way, I would always complain I didn’t have enough jeans or I didn’t have enough blouses. I would purchase a lot of skirts and no tops because it was what I fancied. I definitely had the things I liked, I just didn’t have a lot of sensible ensembles. Shopping with a goal in mind definitely helps you to spend your money better. It also gives you a sense of style and taste. 

Let’s get right into it shall we?

  1. Shop for what you don’t already have.

Don’t keep buying what you already have in your closet. You don’t need another pair of black jeans especially if you already have five. You know why? Black don’t crack and it barely ever shows that it’s been over worn. Try to spread your wings and skip the repetition. Try a blue Jean, khakis, satin pants and cargo pants of different colors. These are just examples of varieties of ways you can go. Don’t stick it one thing. It makes your wardrobe bland and not exciting.

  1. Plan your outfits.

If I were to go to an event and I wanted to shop for an outfit, I plan for what I am going to wear depending on the occasion. If I don’t have enough time to purchase an outfit, I take my time and go through my wardrobe. There are always hidden gems in there just hanging around for when you really need it. If I have the time to do a bit of shopping, I try to shop a whole look. For instance, a whole look is a dress, a purse, earrings and heels. That way I have a bit of everything for when next I need it. I Don’t just go buying a whole look all the time though especially if I  don’t have the funds for it. So, check your wardrobe and see if you have what you need. Then purchase what you need to complete it the look.

  1. Plan to shop.

In this economy, spontaneity isn’t usually the best route to take. It’s best that you plan ahead of time so you can save money aside to buy what you actually like. Don’t always shop on impulse because your bank account will beg you to stop. 

  1. A second opinion may help.

I don’t always do this but two heads are usually better than one. If you’re not sure of an outfit ask for a second opinion. It usually helps if another person is looking at it with a different eye.

  1. The shape of you. 

There’s nothing like when a person buys what fits their body shape. It makes you look confident, sexy and smart. While you’re shopping what you like, also shop what suits your body. Sometimes I wear baggy clothes and my friends complain. I’m not a total fan of body hugging outfits. I like to mix it up a bit. Still, I know what suits my body shape and I shop with that in mind.

  1. Be inspired. 

There are days you want to look fabulous but you don’t have the right idea in mind. It’s not a problem. Look up inspirations like outfits ideas from bloggers who have it on lock. That should give you a sense of direction. Be resourceful and expand your horizons.

  1. Go high and go low

Don’t always go cheap and don’t over spend either. Make it a perfect combination of both. There are sometimes you buy cheap things and there don’t last. So source for the best way to get what you want before putting your money into it. personally, I think you only have to impress yourself. So save up, buy what you love from where you love it. Don’t break the bank and don’t squeeze your hands either. 

So Gang, I hope this helped a bit. You can also share your shopping ideas. I’m always looking for new ways to look good.✨



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