Journey to becoming a signed model. The 2nd part


Was I excited? Yes. was I nervous? Hell yes. was I hopeful? You could say that. A girl from cross River State had a dream to become a great model. She saw an opportunity to do something about it and for the first time in a long time, it looked like life was finally going to be put in perspective. I began to prepare myself, Mentally, physically and emotionally. When I got home that night after receiving that email, I felt a sense of completion. I obviously did not know what the outcome was going to be, but I was ready.

 The Friday before my trip to Boston was a very eventful one. If you know me, you know I dye my hair for a living. I have never really trusted anyone to do a perfect job, so I do it myself most of the time. I wanted to look like my most authentic self, so I decided to switch the color of my hair which was black to blonde. However, the switch was a disaster. I was using a new dye and probably did not follow the instructions as carefully as I should have. Needless to say, I became apprehensive and a little worried. I had to find a way to fix my hair before my meeting.

Saturday came and my meeting with the agency was at 12noon. I woke up feeling extremely worried about my hair. If my hair was a disaster, it meant the meeting may not go successfully. I decided I was going to go into Boston and look for a saloon to get my hair re-done.

From the 45 minutes Bus ride into Boston, to the train ride, this inexperienced tourist walked the street of Boston with a major disaster on her head and a galloping heart. All I could think of was to find a place to cut and re-dye my hair before the meeting. I found my way to Newbury street, one of the most beautiful streets in Boston. It was packed with restaurants and shops. Thankfully, I was able to find a saloon and get a clean haircut. it was the most expensive haircut I had ever gotten but I felt it was worth it since I wanted to look my best.

I decided to ask for directions to the agency since it was on Newbury street. while I walked, I saw people just living and enjoying life without a care in the world. While I held my heart in my hand, others colored the street with theirs. It was such a lovely scene to behold. finally, after a long walk, I made it to the building. They had this huge poster of a model on what seemed to be a glass window. I smiled, hoping one day, I would be on someone’s window. Walking into the building, I felt the cold hands of uncertainty grip me like a vice. I had all these questions running through my mind; was I going to become a signed model? will I have to pay such ambiguous amount of money? will they think I was worth it?

I walked through the doors and pushed the button of the elevator going to the second floor where the office was. I kept telling myself, what ever happened, at least I tried. I wore a striped turtle neck shirt with a grey washed jean and sneakers. I held my jacket in my hand, my back pack on one shoulder and I kept scratching my newly cut and dyed hair. I wanted the ride up to last forever because I was not ready to know my future.

End of part 2.



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