Journey to becoming a signed model. The final part


“My name is Ayamba and I have an appointment with the agency at 12noon today”

I opened by bag and pulled out my portfolio and handed it to the lady who came out to see me at the entrance of the agency. She smiled as though life was made out of straw berries and she looked like she could walk on the moon. To my left, they was a girl whose name I don’t remember now. She also had an appointment at the same time, so we had to wait together. She was the direct opposite of the receptionist. I have never met a more pessimistic human being in my life. She made me all the more nervous and we hadn’t even been called in yet.

While we were waiting, a mother brought her uber talented daughter who also had a meeting at 12noon. We all kept looking at each other like we were given a cone of ice cream to share. After what seemed to be forever, the person who we were all waiting for arrived. He took one look at us and he smiled. It almost made me feel desperate. That’s the thing about another man having the answers you need, he holds your heart in his hands.

“Would you mind if we all sat together and talked?” He said causally standing with a hand in his pocket. We exchanged glances with each other; me the nervous wreck, the pessimist and the mother with the talented daughter. This should be fun I said to myself as I walked in with them only hoping for one thing; a restroom to ease my stress away.

“I am sorry, we will not be able to sign you to our agency” he says to the pessimist, who in a typical nature, walks out before he was done addressing her. I was seated at the right hand of the room with my head bowed, looking up once in a while and smiling casually as he addressed one person after the other.

When it was my turn, he looked at me and tried to pronounce my name. He got it wrong, I laughed, he laughed, we all laughed. Somehow, I could feel the tension slipping away. He gave me a form and asked me to read carefully while he explained what the agency is about. He told me about how unique my look was and how it exactly what the agency is looking for. He opened my social media pages, especially Instagram and checked my engagements with my followers. All the while explaining in detail what I can not remember now because I was eager to be signed.

After he was done talking, he brings out another form and says “would you like to be signed today?  You don’t have to pay the fees. You are just what we are looking for”

I stared at him blankly for a few seconds. I was shocked, truth be told, girls like me do not get ‘yes’ on their first try. For every yes I have gotten, there were at least a few No’s behind it. Needless to say, I got signed that day but in my heart,  I knew it was too good to be true.

When something is too good to be true is because it usually is.

I walked out of the agency that day a signed model. However, I knew, something was not right somewhere, I just couldn’t place my fingers on it. I caught the bus back to Nashua happy but troubled.

The final part.



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