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Inspiration is upon us people, can you feel it? Heaven knows my Instagram browsing is not complete until I am up to date with some of my favorite bloggers. Beyond the lifestyle and the pictures, is the art and the technique they use to deliver countless amazing contents.

I always ask myself, how does It feel to be like them? What goes on in their heads while they deliver such magnificent content with just the right amount of color, pose and detail to keep their viewers hooked?

If there is anything I have learnt while working steadfastly to become a blogger that I can be proud of, is that it is not easy. Long days sourcing for inspiration, sourcing for the right outfit, the perfect location, the perfect photographer, the right aesthetics and the right presets. If there is one thing I have learnt from the people I am about to mention is that there is nothing like perfection. Uniqueness is a skill we all possess, harnessing it is the true beauty of life.

5.  Laura (known as @ellegramm on Instagram)

I remember when I came across her page. I entered vintage heaven. Everything I have thought of doing in my head, Laura has manifested in every content she creates. I do not think there is anyone out there who can do what she does so effortlessly and with such grace. She tells stories with her pictures and is always able to draw you in with her captions. Her outfits are always designed to suit her environment and her poses are what the gods talk about in their meetings. She is truly a sight for sore eyes and an endless river of inspiration.

Image result for ellegramm
Image result for ellegramm

Image result for ellegramm

4.  Nelly Siby (known as @musesuniform on Instagram)

I have been on Nelly’s case for a very long time. I remember the first time she responded to my comment on her page, I was so giddy with excitement I had to share it on my story. Not all hero’s wear capes and not everyone can spice it up like Nelly.  Her work is so professionally done, it’s the first thing you notice when you go through her page. Every picture looks like a vogue shoot and every outfit makes you want to look into getting a personal stylist. I must confess, I love her pictures but more than that, is her eyes for aesthetics. Whether she is capturing a picture of a room, a drink or a dinner setting, everything is strategically placed to make your mouth water. I love her, I love her work and I am her biggest fan.

3. Igee kafor (Known as @Igee Okafor on Instagram)

Ladies, I present to you a literal perfect gentleman, Mr. Okafor.  I believe when Jidenna released his acclaimed song classic man, it was to honor the style icon that Igee is. I am not really a fan of men’s fashion because I see is as repetitive. However, this editor and style guru always brings something new to the table. Whether he is wearing a suit, or a T-shirt, he makes you want to wear men’s clothing. He is truly a breath of fresh air and his contents on social media inspires me to keep searching for new ways to live my best life fashionably. I am in awe of the man that he is and he has earned my respect to the highest degree.

2. Onyi Moss (Known as @mossonyi on Instagram)

Can we please have a moment of silence for the creative power that is Mrs. Moss? I mean, come on! Have you seen the details on her pictures? The angles? Her style? Her simplicity? I mean even cosmopolitan nominated her for the best fashion influencer award which she won by the way. Reading her story on her page, it was easy to see her love for what she does. It does not look forced, it does not look copied, it is organic and straight from the heart. With every picture I think she tells the world to see her for who she is, a queen living in her natural habitat and living her purpose to the fullest.

  1. Evangalie Smyrniotaki (known as @styleheroine)

A heroine is a woman who is admired for her grace and noble qualities. She is as brilliant as her name, I call her the noble queen of style. Leave it to the queen herself to lay on the ground to get a picture. She even goes as far as holding a vacuum while captioning the picture with Ariana Grande’s lyrics thank you, next. I mean, use a vacuum but make it fashion right? She is not afraid to roughen it up in the name of style, but she always delivers. There is not a time I go through her page and I am not amazed by her primal need to slay our lives. She is golden, and I always leave comments on her page to remind her that we her loyal fans remain steadfast.



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