Liberia to the world: Tiny takes us through her journey across the globe.

The Savvy queen is definitely present and accounted for on this journey called life. Nick named the African Nomad, Tiny is a wanderer. She loves to travel and live an adventurous life. With over 12 thousand Instagram followers, Tiny has shared with the world over 756 videos and pictures of cities, towns, buildings, foods, lifestyles, cultures and traditions from around the globe. The world is Tiny’s runway, and we are just living in it. Although the pandemic has kept this Liberian queen rooted, she is here on the blog to reminiscence about some of her greatest journeys and travel experiences…

Do you think of yourself as a travel blogger?

Yes, I do consider myself a travel blogger. I have a keen sense for adventure and I enjoy capturing those moments and sharing for wider consumption and education. My job is a huge part of why I travel. Fortunately, my work requires me to travel quite often and at times for longer periods  in order to facilitate global engagements, strengthen collaborations, and inform decisions at the highest level. 

I love to travel and I have been nicknamed the African Nomad as it quite rare to find me in one place for too long. I despise routines and living a mundane life. Traveling exposes me to places and things that I sometimes only see in movies or books. Traveling takes me out of my comfort zone and pushes me to learn new things, adapt to new ways of living, and stimulate my consciousness. It’s funny that I have been able to combine my love for traveling and passion for living a life full of purpose and I’ve been able to secure a career and a future for myself doing the two things I love the most. So far, I have travelled to about 15 countries. The pandemic has restricted my movement which is quite unfortunate. I am currently quarantine in Liberia, West Africa as it is my current duty station for work. I am supporting countries with the COVID-19 response strategy, so unfortunately I don’t have any time off to recuperate. But I can’t wait for the lockdown to be lifted so I can resume my traveling experiences.

Which has been your favorite travel destination? 

Definitely Nairobi Kenya, probably one of the most breathtaking traveling experience I have had thus far. Kenya is quite beautiful. It is a culturally enriched country and they have done quite a good job in preserving the cultures and traditions even in the midst of modernization. 

What lessons have you learnt along the way from all of your experiences? 

Life is short, buy that plane ticket, pack your bags and head to the destination your heart as long desired to explore. So what you don’t have a large group to travel with, solo experiences can be quite fulfilling, exhilarating, and you never know who you may meet along your journey.

How has the lockdown impacted your freedom to express yourself through your work? 

Yes it has, Liberia is currently under strict lockdowns and curfew so my movements is a bit restricted.  I am relying heavily on technology and digital spaces to facilitate my work both within Liberia and globally- which can also be limited due to unstable internet connectivity and power shortage. Also, due to the type of work I do, I have to be more aware and careful in what I say and how I say things within my own personal platforms.

I know a lot of people will be eager to visit places after the lockdown, what are your top 5 picks and why? 

After such an emotional and physical roller coaster that COVID-19 has exposed people to, the selected travel places identified can help with detoxing, regaining  balance, relaxation, reflection and open mindedness to what life has in store next : Bali, Almafi coast, Jamaica, Zanzibar and Santorini Greece.

Where do you hope that life as a Journey takes you? 

I hope it  provides me with new experiences in uncharted areas, it continues to build my confidence and resilience, and it continues to connect me with genuine souls along my journey. 

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