Mastering Poses


Assuming a particular posture can be easy for some people and difficult for others. It was quite hard for me at the beginning and I am still trying to get the hang of it.  Please feel to leave tips below in the comment section that has helped you so far. Caring is sharing!


It is imperative that before every shoot you practice your poses in order to be comfortable with it. Don’t be shy about practicing in front of your friends and family. An extra pair of eyes helps a lot in guiding you through the right body movement and posture. It is not wise to wait till the day of a shoot before you begin to learn your poses. Always ask the photographer beforehand to send you a sample of what is to be done and use that as a guide to practice.

Be comfortable in your skin

Get familiar with the skin you’re in. Learn the little things about your body that makes it so unique. It definitely translates into every picture you take. A tall person has more angles than a petite person. If you’re petite as I am, learning to stand up straight and do lengthy poses helps in adding height and more angles. Remember when you’re standing in front of a camera you’re the only one the camera wants to see so act like it.

Be spontaneous and fierce

Try as much as possible to be free and fun. Don’t hold anything back, you don’t look like a dork and you are doing just fine. Make good use of your body, your hands, your eyes, your legs. Jump if you have to, smile when it’s needed, keep a straight face etc. When you are stiff, at the end of the day there isn’t much to work it and the shoot would have been dull and boring.

Take corrections and advise

When you are being corrected, it is all part of constructive criticism to make you a better model. Even when it is said in an unconventional way, take it as just another day at the job and smile through it. Sometimes you might think you’re doing a good job in front of the camera and the photographer keeps correcting you at every turn. Try not to take it to personal. Just follow his or her lead. Some artist have a set idea in their heads about what they want so go with the flow.

Be flexible

It’s best that your body is not stiff so you can handle whatever pose you have been given. Try to do exercises, stretches, cardio etc. it does not only keep you fit but it releases the muscles and tensions in your body to avail you the opportunity to pose the right way.

Have posing instructors

Coco Rocha is such a real life example of a model who got poses on lock down. I have never met her in person but I follow her like a fly and try as much as possible to learn what she knows when it comes to posing. She has a book of pose where she poses 1000 different ways. Look it up, look her up and get familiar with it. Find your own person who inspires you that you can easily learn from. You might never meet them in person but it sure helps in making you better at your poses.

Read books

There are so many books out there that act as a guide with pictures of what to do and what not to do. You will be amazed with the information you can get if you just read a book about pose.

Try and try again

You’re not gonna get it right the first time. You have to be disciplined with it, it is such a learning process and an intrinsic part of modelling. The pose tells part of the story so you have to learn to keep learning regardless of how hard it is. With time it gets easier and mastering it becomes a thing you’ll be proud of.

All the best!



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