Men like you

I talk to God about men like you
And men not like you
Men whose ashes I wanna walk over
And men whose hearts I wanna be in
Men who aren’t men, but boys yet to be men
And men who are men, ready to be husbands and fathers.

Men whose arms I wanna run from
And men whose arms my body longs to be wrapped in like a blanket each day, maybe forever.
Men who speak words just to spit them out
For when it stays too long, it begins to stink
And men who only speak truths with meaning designed to suit, to heal, to change and to mend.

I talk to God about each and everyone of you
For I’ve had my share of both
And I have rocked my own boat
So much my guardian angel wonders if I know how to paddle
I have laced my shoes and ran off on a different path
To the crimson colored caterpillars
Who never turned out to be butterflies

I talk to God about me too
About this heart of mine
And it’s many desires
For I wonder when I’ll finally say yes lord
And stick to the man he chooses
Against all the men who choose me.




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