Modelling Expectations Vs. Reality

Welcome to the realities of being a Model. Beyond the lights and cameras there’s a whole world that people barely know about. Hopefully, this can give you an insight into the modelling world and help clear some misconceptions.

I have learnt that you do not have to be skinny to become the perfect model. There is no perfect model to begin with. Someone once said eat what you want and if any one questions you, eat them too. I eat the healthy stuff and the cheat meals when I want. Make sure you create a balance where you’re not starving yourself or over feeding yourself. Let exercise become a part of your life and make sure you stay hydrated as much as possible.

Just because pictures come out with so much aesthetics doesn’t mean the behind the scene was glamorous. The behind the scenes are sometimes almost the complete opposite of the pictures portrayed. Have it at the back of your mind that you might have to spend hours on set some days. Other days you might have to clip your clothes because they don’t fit, or pose with a shoe that isn’t your size. You might have to dress the total opposite of the weather or season you are in. Sometimes they might be last minute changes and you have to adjust to it. The poses might try to stretch your boundaries, you just have to go with it. Sometimes you might have to wait for hours while things are being put together on set or while your doing your make up. Prepare your mind for all the hard stuff knowing fully well that the end result will be amazing.

Because we look pretty all the time  doesn’t mean there’s always money in our bank accounts. Sometimes models do not get paid for shoots. Most often than not they don’t get to keep the outfits either. Especially when you are just starting out don’t expect too much. Don’t get in thinking you’ll have all the money and all the clothes.

This is a very tricky business. A lot of girls have been taken advantage of. Do not think every one has your best interest at heart. Please Protect your body, your mind and your heart. Guard all three like your life depends on it. If you do not want to be touched inappropriately, do not make room for it. Even when you get touched against your will, say something. You are not a mannequin, you have feelings and emotions. Regard yourself highly and do not let any one touch you without your consent.

Throw the age, body type and ethnicity out of the window. You can be a model at any age with any body type and whatever race you belong to. We are all so uniquely made with stunning qualities. If you want it, go for it. Never sell yourself short.

Agencies are not what they are set out to be most of the time. Don’t rush to belong into an agency. Find out what you are into as a model and what you would like to be known for before joining an agency. Always read the fine print carefully before signing anything. Know that a certain percentage of what you earn belongs to an agency you sign with. There will be certain rules and regulations you will have to abide by. While it is exciting to belong to an agency, be very careful when looking for one.



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