Modelling Spectrum

There are different avenues for aspiring models to excel. This is to guide you through the various categories of modelling. Feel free to read through to figure out what best suits you!

Here a model is basically supposed to sell a story. Brands hire models to sell their products on prints without actually saying anything. Usually next to what you are advertising there will be some form of write up shedding light on that particular product. Your job is to pose right, let the photographer get the proper angle and make the picture believable. Editorial print can be specific to certain models with unique qualities. However, there are exception to the rules.

While there are different types of fashion modelling, the high end fashion modelling are for the super models. These Models are usually really tall (between 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches) and they usually have weight requirements. Think about the Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, Jasmine Tookes and the Naomi Campbell’s of the modelling world. They are usually women who walk on run ways for high end designers. They travel internationally and get paid really well for appearances.

Some part of your body is needed for this type of modelling. It can be your hands, legs, feet, fingers, lips, eyes, teeth etc. Any part of the body can be in demand. These models are used in photo shoots to promote, advertise and sell products. Anybody can do this: petite, curvy andc slender models. However, your body parts must be beautiful smooth and in most cases evenly shaped.

Think of billboards, brochures, newspapers, and so much more. These models are used to sell goods to consumers like clothes, shoes, bags, jewelries etc. It’s more about the products and not the models. Normal everyday people are used to advertise these products. This is one of the most accepting forms of modelling.

These are models who are above the average size. These models are usually full figured and curvy. There are still certain requirements as to how the height and weight should look like especially for prints and editorials. Commercial modelling for plus size models are more flexible. However, it is most important that you have confidence and own your curves!

There are very few criteria’s in becoming a catalogue model. When you go through pages of your favorite magazines and you see men and women in print who look you, don’t be shocked. While looks matter but personality also counts here. People in entertainment many times usually cross over into catalogue modelling. Take good care of your body, your hair, have good set of dentition which is perfect for a smile and above all your personality must light you up!

They are usually beautiful and handsome with chiseled characteristics intended to makes consumers swoon. As the term implies, they have to look high end and glamorous. They are comfortable in their bodies and not afraid to show skin while oozing sex appeal. Male models are usually geared to the female audience as the female models are geared to the male audience. You can find them on prints like magazines, calendars, editorials and advertisements.

This is more than just standing still in front of a camera. It requires a lot like acting, body movement and facial expressions. It is advisable that models who go into this should know how to act. Also models are required to feel free and comfortable in front of the camera. You can either be a fashion TV model for high end advertisements or commercials for every day products. Usually, there are height, weight, age and ethnicity requirements depending on the commercial.


Influencers are people who are used to shed more light on a particular product. These people have power over certain markets. They are used to promote and advertise products for the sole purpose of creating awareness and driving sales. Social media is a great platform to become a brand influencer. For instance if you have high numbers of followers on Instagram face book twitter etc. you’re a perfect fit to become an influencer model.

I think this is my favorite type of modelling. Here people can be any height, shape, age, from any ethnicity and background. They represent the real and normal people who live in the world. They don’t have that high end fashion characteristics. They are used to relate to a particular target audience and they appeal to certain audiences.




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