BARE (Most Girls)

Most girls would kiss you and tell you it’s okay
When you pull back they’ll want to know why
They’ll vow to make it better
Hug you in the streets, follow you to the middle of nowhere
Look at your perfectly manicured nails and fall in love all over again

Most girls would make excuses for you
And take each and every pain served like breakfast with a side of clouded eyes
Eat up and smile because they wanted you to stay
Most girls would curl up beside you even when you were unwilling to cuddle
They’ll take it all off because besides you they had nothing to loose

To keep you
They’ll laugh at your jokes no matter how plain
Like you had the sense of humor of a thousand comedians
They’ll tell all the other boys no  and flash a ring they bought for themselves because they hope that one day it’ll be you on your knees promising forever.

To be kept
Most girls would act like it was okay that you didn’t call
And pretend not to pay attention to the constant buzzing on your phone
How your eyes would light up for a reason that wasn’t them

To be needed
They’ll be scared to tell you all the things they don’t like about you
And will be afraid to set you right when you rub them off the wrong way
They won’t wipe their make up because they never received a compliment from you
They’ll wear skin tight dresses to make you take notice of their body even though it was cutting off their oxygen

most girls will never ask who you the hell you think you are
Sitting on top of the world looking down on them
I could do these things, I could work my way into fitting into your perfect little box for your pleasure
There’s just this little tiny problem

I. am. Not . Most. Girls.

So here we go.




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