My New Orleans (The listening. The nostalgia. The re-claiming)


The Listening

A lot happened before my trip to the South.  I was at a dilemma between choosing to go to New York and New Orleans. New York was a new territory I wanted explore and I really wanted to see the ball drop on The 1st of January. However, New Orleans was home. A home I haven’t visited in two years.

I locked my self in and decided to think about my growth. Was I going to go back to New Orleans the way I left? A lot did change in 2 years yet I did not feel grown. I felt like a child going back to Mommy for some scolding. Apart from the fun I knew I was going have, I wanted to go back a young lady whose life was being handled by God.

New Orleans is forever dipped in colors and it births inspirations. I knew I wanted to delve into her hidden treasures to find what I needed for the New Year. I did not know where my fate was going to take me or where my destiny would lead me. I just knew because God was in control, I didn’t have to be.

So I talked to God to open my heart and mind to see New Orleans differently. Every time I stumbled upon a creative thought, it brought me to colors. The outburst of it, the magnificence of it and the absoluteness of it. My dream has always been to live my life in color. I searched for a way to bring that dream to life because the only time dreams don’t come true is when you decide not to wake up.

I closed the doors to everyone and everything but my thoughts. I knew I was going to have to go through the process of re-birth and it was a journey I have become so accustom to.

Going to New Orleans meant I was going to listen to my self and take chances the way it played out in my head. I was not going to be shy, bruised or sorry. I was not sure what I was going to find but I was ready to search till I found it. I also knew bringing in the New Year surrounded by friends and family was the calm I needed to ease my stormy thoughts. 



The Nostalgia 

I remember standing at the arrival terminal of the airport waiting for my twin sister to come pick me up. I looked around and noticed that everything looked the same yet nothing looked the same. The roads I had travelled on before looked so unfamiliar to me yet a wave of nostalgia swept over me now and again as I passed a sign, a street corner, or an eatery. I missed this place, in all its glory it was my home. Where I belonged, where I grew up and where i blossomed into a young flower.

Tidal waves of emotions washed over me. on the surface, I was a smiling bubbly child ready to stop by canes and get me some of that bread I have missed so much. Beneath the surface I was a lady on a mission to find ways to re-claim my city. 


The Reclaiming 

You’ll soon see that I have blossomed. From the contents I will share with the world to my countenance.  I never used to see myself as a creative person. I always saw myself  as a muse. Now I’m fully grown. Going back taught me a lesson. When I left two years ago I was a girl who had the perfect grades and who belonged to the best organizations in college. I came back as a girl who wanted to create contents that the world was interested in seeing and reading.

Most people I grew up with had left.  In a way New Orleans felt empty. So I filled it up with the knowledge I got just by walking through the French Quarters and seeing the crowds trooping in and out. So here you go, like Klaus New Orleans was mine from the beginning and through my new contents, i will always walk in Confidence. It’s a city that has my heart, it’s a city whose heart is my home.


Thank you for allowing me to share this with you. All my love ❤️



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