My New Year wishes for you.

Sweethearts, let me officially welcome you in a fashionable way to a New Decade. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! IT’S 2020 BABY!

I heard the world was gonna end four years ago. I am glad that did not happen because a New Year means new beginnings and the possibility to start afresh. On the 1st of January my cousins and I parked our car on a bridge in New Orleans and watched displays of fireworks across the city. We saw the sky light up in beautiful and exciting colors. It truly felt like a magical time to be alive. While we enjoyed the noise and bursts in the air, my twin sister was infuriated because she had to work pretty early the next day. She said something along the lines of God will punish some people. That’s that cancer energy no one knows about.

I also did something pretty interesting this year, I called 911. It was my first time calling the police on anyone or anything. Apparently some of the fireworks fell on a car and it went up in flames. We were driving past a neighborhood and came across the terrible scene. I had to alert the police so they could send help. Hopefully they got there in time.

Okay here it goes; I know a lot of you have made resolutions for the New Year. I am hoping all your wishes come true. I wish so much more for you too. These are a few more inspirational words to add to your goals for the year.

YOU CAN AND YOU WILL SO YOU SHOULD : The world is your run way, catwalk all over it. It is not enough to work hard this year, what makes your hard work matter is how productive it is. If your methods are not working it means you do not have a working method. Change the way you look at things, seek advice, read books, pray, expand your mind and your heart to see and go beyond where you are now. Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. When you hear the word ‘NO’ it is not a sign to give up and stay silent. It is an opportunity to find a different way to get things done. So, fight this year, fight your fears, fight your distractions, fight procrastination, fight your inhibitions and fight the naysayers. Be restless in your spirit and in your heart. Go to bed empty, let the ideas be written down and take steps towards accomplishing those ideas.

JUST DO IT : I should be a Nike ambassador because this is my go to word for the year. Just do it! no excuses, no explanations and no hesitations. I have noticed that a lot of people do not care about the work that goes into creating something of substance, they only want to see the result. I encourage you to show them what it takes to be who you are. My younger brother said to me this New Year “do everything, what ever you think will work and whatever you think won’t work”. Put your best foot forward, you owe it to yourself.

BELIEVE : This New Year you need to have faith and believe in something higher than yourself. I believe in God so I’ll be putting him first in anything and in everything I do. I am certain that no matter what happens, God will not mismanage my life. Who ever you believe in or whatever you believe in is what will work for you. Above all, believe in yourself. Believe when your body tells you it needs rest, believe when your heart says it’s breaking, believe when an idea says it needs to be expressed, believe when your soul says it needs love and believe when no one else believes in you.

SUPPORT : Please show love to your fellow humans this year. It is going to get tough as the year progresses. Be the light in their dim world, send a word of prayer to them and send positive energy their way. Collaborate with them, buy their products for the original prices and show up to their events. Be there to listen, cry and hug them when they feel down. Love your neighbor as you love yourself and be kind to one another.

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SIDE NOTE : If there is anything you would like to see or want us to write about please let us know on, through direct messages on Instagram and 603-834-5522. we’ll be more than excited to hear from each and everyone of you. Thank you all for a great last year and we are looking forward to an even better New Year and New Decade.

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