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While reading my favorite book The Winner Stands Alone written by Paulo Coelho my views about fashion changed. Paulo wrote rather extensively about fashion as it pertained to the super class of the society. He made me understand in depth that Fashion is not something that changes according to the seasons of the year. We have winter, summer, fall and autumn as seasonal changes and sometimes the way we dress needs to fit the season we are in. However, the seasons of the year should conform and rely on fashion. It is very evident that fashion creates an opportunity to belong to a certain world or to stand apart from it.  Imagine it as being a school and we are all students.  Each day, month, or year we learn something new and graduate to a certain degree of self-expression that people have come to know and love us for.

To be a part of fashion is to be uniform with certain trends. When we wear a particular trend we are speaking a language that is generally understood or we are relaying a message to our type of people. It’s a see me I am dressed like you, I belong to your class type of fashion. Albeit fashion can simply be narrowed down to creation of mostly identical items bearing different labels. Still certain items stands out from the rest of the world and that should be the reason behind the creation of fashion.

My question to you all is, why do you choose to wear what you wear? What motivates you? Who motivates you? The motivation or motivator behind what you wear affects you in whatever way you choose to let it.

Don’t just wear clothes, believe in what you wear and create an image out of it. Let your taste guide you and let your love for fashion lead you in creating a style that is uniquely your own.



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