I have held on to this for a long time and I know it is time to share. Nothing on here is going to be perfect but know that it was built with love. These are fragments of my life deliberately pieced together for you. I Thank each and everyone of you so much for being who you are and inspiring me to live, share, learn and grow.

Featured Posts

16th Jan 21

When It Never Leaves The Talking Stage.

Normal people in the world meet their potential partners, and shortly...
12th Jan 21

Where To Eat And What To See In Las Vegas.

I am bringing the fun and excitement from Las Vegas to...
6th Jan 21

Five Places I enjoyed Visiting in Las Vegas.

“I didn’t want to go.” These were the words I uttered...
15th Dec 20

Blessing Tangban wins big at the Galaxy Music Awards. 

Blessing Tangban warmed her way into our hearts with her hit...
14th Dec 20

Have we seen enough skin?

I took the course Human Anatomy and Physiology years ago, but...
12th Dec 20
9th Dec 20

You’ve Crossed The Line -The Prevalence of Bullying is Quite Disturbing.

Barbara Coloros’s timeless book ‘The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander’...
6th Dec 20

Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself.

So, everything you thought would happen this year didn’t happen, and...
3rd Dec 20
30th Nov 20

The Misuse of Instagram – Part 4 (The way forward)

In this study, I discovered that there are rules that govern...
15th Nov 20

The Misuse of Instagram – Part 3 (As we observe).

Part 1: https://theayamba.com/apps/the-misuse-of-instagram-part-1/ Part 2: https://theayamba.com/apps/the-misuse-of-instagram-part-2-the-story-of-dorothea/ The feedback from Millennials who use Instagram...
11th Nov 20

Favorite Quotes From The Fault In Our Stars.

I have been meaning to read this literary work of art....
9th Nov 20

The Misuse of Instagram – Part 2 ( The story of Dorothea)

I met Dorothea in August 2018. She stood at 5’6, with...
3rd Nov 20

Before and After.

This is a compilation of pictures before and after they were...
2nd Nov 20

The Misuse of Instagram. Part 1

The Misuse of Instagram and its Effect on Millennials. Part 1...
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