I have held on to this for a long time and I know it is time to share. Nothing on here is going to be perfect but know that it was built with love. These are fragments of my life deliberately pieced together for you. I Thank each and everyone of you so much for being who you are and inspiring me to live, share, learn and grow.

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11th May 18


Close your eyes and imagine you are in a magical café...
8th May 18


Why did you cut your hair? You look like a boy...
25th Apr 18

Partnering with brands and fashion houses part 2 (what to expect)

If you followed all the steps I gave in the previous...
22nd Apr 18


Crimson colors filled her cheeks Stealing smiles from his lips As...
18th Apr 18

Partnering with Brands and Fashion Houses

I currently partner with Razorsharp collections, a fashionable retail brand with...
17th Apr 18

Modelling Expectations Vs. Reality

Welcome to the realities of being a Model. Beyond the lights...
17th Apr 18


For I was careless And my feelings had no depth My...
17th Apr 18


My mind is washed pure in this ocean of redemption Time...
17th Apr 18

Hallow thoughts

Shadows spill in the gloomy night Casting slanting pictures on every...
17th Apr 18

The other woman

Was she your lover? Is she a soft spot you carry...
17th Apr 18


Man this lady was as righteous as an adventure As pleasant...
17th Apr 18

A November type of love

Coaxed into something new The experience quite daring Look at how...
17th Apr 18


July gave into august and august into September The sky was...
17th Apr 18

Breathe in, Breathe out

I placed death between my lips And puffed it in the...
17th Apr 18

Thank You

Thank you For I now know how it feels to be...
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